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    That was quick (points/sc)

    I'm currently mid flight MEL-SYD and my points and SC have already posted to my account! I don't recall receiving them this quickly before.
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    Answered Dilemma [ Boss or Colleague? (Can guest just 1)]

    Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place. I've worked hard and spent a lot of money travelling to attain gold status with Qantas. Part of my satisfaction of attaining gold is to enjoy the lounge experience. I usually travel solo. Next week I have to go on a business trip from MEL to...
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    Where have the treats gone?

    I flew domestic (economy) most weeks last year and I'm pretty sure that on every flight we received either a Lindt chocolate ball before landing, or a Calippo ice pole after meal service. Of all the domestic flights I've taken this year, I haven't seen any of these treats. Is this another cutback?
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    What to do with airpoints dollars?

    When I lived in NZ, I travelled a lot for work so achieved status quite quickly. I'm no longer living there but still at Silver and with over $1000 airpoints dollars. As I'm now living in Australia with no current plans to visit NZ, I'm ok letting my status drop back but what would be the best...
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    Hi everyone. I really should have written an intro before posting, but better late than never. I live in Melbourne but have also lived in Wellington New Zealand, London UK, and Kfar Sava Israel. I travel interstate a lot for work, also for pleasure and return to visit my family in the UK...
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    New boarding pass?

    I currently have an Air NZ flight booked from AKL to HKG then CX to LHR in J. I want to credit the CX leg of the trip to my Qantas account not my Air NZ acct. Is getting a reprinted boarding pass in the lounge/gate to show my QFF number the only way to do this?
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    Meal complaint

    First time poster, so apologies if this is in the wrong place. Served special meal (fish) on recent domestic flight, 6 months past use by date! Complained on board and have written via their complaints system. Automated reply. How long should I wait for a proper reply before making a complaint...