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    Best way to fly J to NYC with VA points??

    Early this year I found it possible to get Washington Dulles-LAX-BNE-HBA FOR 2 in J on a VA reward. I think it was 125000 pts per person. Had the choice of Dulles, New York Newark or Boston with comfortable connections in LAX. The Virgin America experience was reasonable although the CSM in J...
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    Which Wasington DC hilton?

    I have stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown only and thoroughly enjoyed it. Close to subway, in a new area, upmarket supermarket just around the corner. Ate in the bar and the restaurant, good wine selection by the glass and enjoyed all my meals. Staying there again in June for one night a...
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    Strategies for booking light US-AUS with points

    Re: Strategies for booking flight US-AUS with points Just looking now and there is availability LAX SYD 14 and 15 July for 47000 points.
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    VA-DL Interline (separate PNR) + MCT in LAX? As I replied in another thread was able to have bags through checked at MEL check in with my VA J reward booking MEL BNE LAX to a separate paid DL booking LAX SFO. Even received my boarding pass for DL flight. I would go...
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    Holding Flights - Assistance Please

    It would depend on the fare rules associated with the fare class in question. A travel agent should be able to clearly decipher these rules and tell you what the the TTL (ticketing time limit) is that holds the price for the booking. But it could be the fare class you are looking at, is actually...
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    Checking Baggage Through Different Reservation Numbers

    My experience 5 weeks ago in MEL with VA was excellent. Had a VA reward booking MEL - BNE - LAX in business and had a paid Delta booking 4 hours after arrival LAX - SFO. Asked at MEL checkin if they could through check bags and all good, I just provide a printout of my Delta booking, SFO and...
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    You can now upgrade from Saver fare with points

    Re: Upgrades from Saver If you read the link to the velocity site upgrades from flexi still available at The Lounge up to 40 minutes before departure
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    Good riddance OGP

    Victorville (George Air Force Base) California. Aircraft storage area Sent from my iPad using AustFreqFly
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    Booking a car rental via the Velocity Web Site

    I have looked at it but always received a much better deal using vroomvroom. Your booking is direct with the rental company and your credit card is not charged until you turn up to collect the car.
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    VA Double Status Credit Offer

    Effectively $3.01 per SC which is a good rate. Best I could find to a different destination from PER in full Y was $716.18 for 280SC's, $2.56/SC
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    AFF Gathering #7 at HBA on 29 November - 1 December

    Yes one of Hobart's hidden gems. I am stoked that The New Sydney deivered! A traditional pub, great beers on tap, a solid wine list, no TV's, live music and a french chef?..... Who would have thought for Hobart? And even open on a Sunday..
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    AFF Gathering #7 at HBA on 29 November - 1 December

    For us locals, interpretation of the above is as follows: Friday - short sleeves, no jacket required Saturday - short sleeves and shorts Sunday - T shirt, shorts, thongs and a hat "There is no such thing as bad weather, just a poor choice of clothing" Looking forward to meeting everyone...
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    Platinum Achieved. Now how to best utilise the benefits

    Make sure you select your row 3 seat when you do the booking.
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    VA2 - LAX to SYD "on time performance"

    As you are VA Plat book a flight that has plenty of connection time and just use fly forward at check-in. With SYD to MEL frequency you shouldn't have any issue securing a good connection time.
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    Platinum Achieved. Now how to best utilise the benefits

    1. If you have phoned EY and they can't assist with seat selection, then roll up to airport in plenty of time and ask for emergency exit seats at the business check-in counter. 2. Using upgrade certificates you get SC's etc as per your original flexi booking
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    Virgin seat allocation fail - IMO

    I suggest in future you book A and C or D and F increasing the possibility of having a spare seat.
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    AFF Gathering #7 at HBA on 29 November - 1 December

    Jess I have just confirmed and paid $130, Dinner, Cascade and Lark. So looks like is locked in. Looking forward to meeting everyone in my home town.
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    Velocity Platinum members can now access EY Diamond First Class lounges

    The advice provided at check-in is incorrect. Accessed the first lounge in September this year when flying ecconomy (on VA points) with EY. Enjoyed the breakfast with some nice bubbles, unfortunately could not secure a spa treatment before our departure. The check-in person at AUH was well...
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    My Virgin Gold experience

    As a platinum I am asked for photo ID more often than not and have absolutely no issue with the airline confirming my details to the reservation made. I feel sorry for the check in agent in this case, having to put up with the over reaction to a very valid request.
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    Welcome Claire to AFF