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    QFF Inaccessible from Overseas?

    Pretty obvious to me that the OP is not a regular overseas traveller otherwise many of the numerous suggestions on here would have been used by him/her.
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    My experience booking four round the world OneWorld reward flights with Qantas Reservations

    I'm not sure if all One world carriers offer multi partner awards, but BA certainly do, but extremely frustrating like the original poster pointed out....same problems. As an example, I used their 20000 mileage maximum option and 200000 Avios.. From London I used a combination of Qantas...
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    BA Gold. KLM Platinum

    BA Gold. KLM Platinum
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    Tips for moving from QFF to BAEC (QF WP + LTG)...

    You say you are thinking of jumping ship to BA........fine, but from scratch/zero ? I would be looking at the potential number of AVIOS I would likely accrue per year and relevant tier points. To redeem, you generally need a hefty amount to turn left, and hope there are seats etc. Here in the...
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    I have been threatened by my booking reference

    May I have your Miles before you depart? Thanks.
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    Using Avios between NZ to Tasmania.

    Sorry, but I meant to ask....can I book Avios rewards through the BA NZ number you posted ?
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    Using Avios between NZ to Tasmania.

    We are having a great holiday.....what a country. Over three weeks in the South and now in Napier..met some really interesting people.
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    Using Avios between NZ to Tasmania.

    Thanks. I called BA London and managed to get 2 seats from AKL over to Launceston. I will need to call them again, (or I might try the BA NZ number you provided) to get back up to Sydney after Easter to make our way back home.
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    Using Avios between NZ to Tasmania.

    Thanks for the info. To the guys who booked through Avios, can I ask , booked through Avios where ? Is there a local number or do I have to call back to London Avios ?
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    Car Rental

    Thanks for the quick responses, and the offer of further advice. I'm sure after talking with Mrs T we will have some more questions. We're looking to keep to a reasonable budget and will probably use AirBnb and Homestay .com for accommodation as we travel around unless there are other local...
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    Car Rental

    Good morning from the UK. Just interested to know if anybody has any particular recommendations regarding car hire for a month in Tasmania.My wife and I are flying down in the next few weeks, probably into Hobart itself. Thanks.Mike.
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    Using Avios between NZ to Tasmania.

    Good Evening from the UK. My wife and I are visiting both next Feb through April. I am looking at options to travel between Auckland and Hobart or Launceston, Tasmania. My question relates to use of Avios. I cannot seem to book Avios on line, I guess as Jetstar are not 'recognised'. When in...