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    Qantas to Introduce Group Boarding and Bag Tracking

    I see no difference for priority boarding if they are letting Group 1 & 2 in the same line and board at the same time. It's not efficient to only call Group 1 when the line is filled with Group 1 & 2 passengers and they have to push past Group 2 already in the line... So they call Group 1& 2 at...
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    Virgin priority boarding fail

    How are VA these days with enforcing priority boarding? I'm flying with them again later this week from Syd. Hope PB is smooth 🤞
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    Velocity Double Status Credits July/August 2023

    Thanks for the quick response 😊
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    Velocity Double Status Credits July/August 2023

    I think it might have been asked before, but can't see. If a booking made under DSC eligibility needs to have the dates changed, provided it is still prior to 31/12, and same PNR, does it still qualify?
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    Unused status credits on platinum qualification

    I am due to reach platinum shortly needing only 25 status credits. I will earn 160 status credits from the DSC promotion. Does the points reset when platinum, and the remaining 135 points go towards requalification of platinum, or are they wasted? Hope that makes sense... Cheers
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    Velocity Double Status Credits July/August 2023

    Does this work under family pooling too? If I add my child to my account under family pooling, and we fly together, do I get their double status credits too?
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    Booking 2 rooms not the same

    Cheers, I'll give it a try on the website tonight
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    Booking 2 rooms not the same

    Thanks. I was trying on the app. I'll give the website a go
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    Booking 2 rooms not the same

    Just seeing if there is a way to make a single booking with 2 rooms that are not the same? I'm trying to book a twin room and king room but the online booking keeps saying 'Your rooms will all be the same'. I want to keep the one booking reference so the hotel knows they are together. Is this...
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    Return of Wifi on Virgin Australia

    Has there been any more aircraft upgraded in the last month?
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    Auckland QF Lounge Reopened 30th June 2022

    I'm finally travelling international SYD-AKL this Thursday and back on Tuesday. Just wondering if anyone has flown this route recently and can advise if the Qantas lounge has reopened in Auckland yet given flights resumed some time ago now. If not, do we still have access to the Air NZ lounge...
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    Australian state border restrictions

    What airport was this Lynda? I'm flying into OOL. Does anyone know the current procedure there?
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    Accor price difference

    Was the price showing in USD?
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    Any updates on Melbourne T3 redevelopment?

    Has there been much news/updates on the planned redevelopment of MEL T3? Haven't passed by for a while. Their blog last year said everything should be completed by mid 2019...
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    Qantas WiFi (aka Qantas inflight Internet)

    I seem to always get WiFi planes on the trans Tasman routes, which I can't use, and hardly ever on the domestic flights. Why schedule the WiFi aircraft on trans tasman flights when it's just a waste??
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    International Upgrades - the pecking order

    Thanks. I would have thought Qantas would prefer the cash.
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    International Upgrades - the pecking order

    Does anyone know where in the pecking order the upgrade bid with cash/points slots in? I have a friend flying AKL-SYD with no QFF account offered to bid for his upcoming flight. Thanks
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    New international lounge arrrangements from 28 Oct 2018

    With the demise of the Air NZ/VA alliance fast approaching, has there been any formal announcement on likely lounge for Trans Tasman flights out of BNE, SYD and MEL? I can't recall reading it anywhere.
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    Linking Velocity number to SQ reward booking

    Hi there. I have transferred some velocity points to kris flyer to secure a reward seat on SQ. I keep trying to change my FF number to my velocity number in my booking but it never sticks. Always reverts back to my Kris Flyer number. Anyone know how else I can change it? I am Platinum with...
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    SQ 777-300ER First Class Update

    Thats great. Thanks so much for the detailed info. I guess if I book a 773ER with Premium Economy fare available it will be a safe bet it's a new F cabin :)