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  1. prf31

    Incorrect information you've been given by Qantas Contact Centre

    Unfortunately, if it’s part of an OW award that’s too complex to book online (in my case due to the inclusion of sectors on IB), HUACA is all I can suggest, though others may have different ideas. The agent I spoke with tried to escalate the issue through her supervisor while on the phone with...
  2. prf31

    Incorrect information you've been given by Qantas Contact Centre

    As others have experienced, I too have been told that returning to the point of origin on an OW award counts as a stopover. I’ve also been told that they were unable to add a partner airline (JL) flight to an OW award as it was still subject to regulatory approval. This is despite the same...
  3. prf31

    Qantas car or vehicle insurance, 20000 bonus points plus 1 point per $1 spent

    Yes, disappointing that the bar is set so high to get the 20K bonus points. I won’t be changing from my current provider. Similar story with the bonus points offers for their health and life insurance products.
  4. prf31

    Alaska Airlines Partners with Singapore Airlines

    Just read it. Devastating! At least I’ve got one last hurrah using intra-Asia stopover next year.
  5. prf31

    Citibank Signature Qantas 150,000 points

    My experience with a Citi-backed card was that points posted at the end of the statement period in which you achieve minimum spend. That was with the Virgin Money Flyer.
  6. prf31

    No more free items from retail menu when flying business

    Agree. Perhaps they should be focused more on stemming the bleeding from their money-losing ventures in the first instance.
  7. prf31

    New J Sleep Service Offering

    My wife just did SYD-HKG-YYZ in CX J. No pjs but did receive slippers. Mattress pad from HKG-YYZ but not from SYD-HKG.
  8. prf31

    Answered Oberammergau Passion Play

    I’ve been in Oberammergau when the Passion Play was on, but unfortunately didn’t organise well enough in advance to attend. The atmosphere in the town was wonderful. Hopefully I’ll get to it one day. Look forward to hearing about your experience!
  9. prf31

    Book an Etihad flight, get a free VA flight

    Nice little carrot if you were going to book on Etihad anyway, but yeah...bizarre that it pays out at VA rates. Bizarre is nothing new for Etihad Guest though, right...
  10. prf31

    50% bonus points with Virgin Australia

    Also received the double points offer. Might use it as I have a couple of positioning flights to book, but it’s not a strong lure. If QF comes up significantly cheaper, I’ll use them.
  11. prf31

    Inter-Island Hawaiian flights - a way to accumulate status credits?

    Hi all, Does anyone know for certain whether you pick up SCs for each leg of a one way that includes a stop? I’m looking at flying KOA-LIH but the routing through HNL departs at a more convenient time than the direct flight, so I’d prefer to book that. Will this mean that I’d get 80 SCs on this...
  12. prf31

    St George application denied - help/advice

    Thanks for the advice and insights. Very much appreciated. We will try (likely in vain) to reason with someone. If that fails, will try the application again down the track as suggested by Cruiser Elite. Just seems curious that I got the same card a few months back with both a lower income and...
  13. prf31

    St George application denied - help/advice

    Hi all, Seeking your advice and/or to hear of similar experiences regarding a denial of consumer credit. I fully accept that this is a bit of a shot in the dark! My wife was recently declined for a St George Amplify credit card (limit $15K). This is the first time she (or I) have been declined...
  14. prf31

    Expert Flyer showing no availability?

    That's good to know. I guess I will just press ahead with that in mind. Thanks, Matt!
  15. prf31

    Expert Flyer showing no availability?

    Hi All, I'm new to Expert Flyer and am trying to get my head around how to use it best. Putting it through its paces has be a bit confused, however. As a test case, I searched for award availability on VA to see whether or not I could get the same seat to show up on Expert Flyer. I found an...
  16. prf31

    First Trip to Hong Kong aboard VA J class

    Great report and +1 for the VA business class product. My wife and I just got back from BNE-HKG (via MEL on the way over). Flew VA over and QF back. VA cabin, food and service hands down beat QF in our opinion.
  17. prf31

    AMEX Life Insurance - 20k pt Bonus

    No good. Shame to have missed out. Thanks for the info.
  18. prf31

    AMEX Life Insurance - 20k pt Bonus

    Hi all, Do we know if this promo is still running? I have logged into the Amex site and got a quote for the insurance ($5.25 per month for $50,000), but nowhere can I see mention of the 20K points.
  19. prf31

    Cathay Pacific HK Stopovers

    Thanks, equus. That’s good to know. Will be calling the CX call centre in a couple of months to make a booking.