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    US Amex points now transfer to Qantas Frequent Flyer

    us amex card holder has many good transfer partners over there. They may not be interested in qantas transfer.
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    Strategy to obtain US Amex

    May I ask when you need to get an ITIN? how it can help with credit card application?
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    Strategy to obtain US Amex

    I have just done it with the agent 3 hours ago. They will send the completed notary to Amex. Called amex just now they still didn't see anything.
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    Strategy to obtain US Amex

    how long takes for the notrisation request email to come thru?
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    Strategy to obtain US Amex

    called amex again - they can see there some account alert and need me to wait for the email to start the notarisation process. i am still await for the email. they also mentioned that i can do the notarisation online. Hopefully it is the right information.
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    Strategy to obtain US Amex

    want to share my experience with amex hilton aspire i signed in my aussie amex account and click on change country to US, allowing to use my international amex data, Submitted application and approved instantly. Received the card at my relative's address in US. I got the pic of it and added to...