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  1. harvyk

    Hong Kong Trip or “Extreme Suiting”

    So a few months back, my previous Hong Kong suit finally gave way. I purchased a replacement suit jacket off the rack from a men’s wear store, and a new shirt from K-Mart. The next day I threw out the K-Mart shirts and went back to the men’s wear store to purchase a replacement shirt. This was...
  2. harvyk

    Another Melbourne Dinner - 20th September

    Hi Melbourne Peeps I'm going to be down in Melbourne on the 20th September, and would love to catch up. Staying in the CBD, if people are free on the evening of the 20th for dinner I'd love to catch up.
  3. harvyk

    CBR Dinner - 18th May @ 6:00pm - Kinn Thai in the Canberra Center.

    A few of us CBR'n's are meeting up for dinner on the 18th May @ 6:00pm at Kinn Thai in the Canberra Center. If you could let me know by the 17th so we can adjust our booking accordingly. See everyone there :cool:
  4. harvyk

    Will circular runways take off?

    Re: Ask The Pilot. Over the last couple of days there has been talk about circular runways. Any opinions from pilots? Think again: Will circular runways ever take off? - BBC News
  5. harvyk

    Flying cheap / in higher classes - sounds like too much work.

    A work colleague of mine commented the other week that I obviously earn way too much money since I am always traveling and have done it in the higher classes (not much by AFF standards but a bit by normal person standards). I offered to explain to him how I do it and after about 2 minutes his...
  6. harvyk

    Irish Visa?

    A colleague of mine recently flew to Ireland using Ryanair. When he went to check in he was asked if he had an Irish Visa. The guy behind the counter first offered to sell him an Irish Visa for £15, however the guy then decided he would let him off without needing to purchase one this time (this...
  7. harvyk

    Transiting UAE with less than 6 months on a passport.

    My passport is about to enter that lovely stage of 6 months out from expiry, literally the week I depart on my next RTW trip. On this trip I am transiting in DXB. Whilst all the information I can find online states that I will be fine, I can't find any official source stating transiting with...
  8. harvyk

    SYD-DFW really cheap, SYD-CBR really expensive.

    I almost feel like asking QF if I can have what they are smoking... Just received an email from QF about their USA sale, $999 return for SYD-LAX / SFO / DFW, seems like a very good deal. Change the departure city to CBR and that price goes up to $1,870 = SFO, $2,020 = DFW, $2,070 = LAX. QF...
  9. harvyk

    How many status vs non-status flyers per flight

    This is a follow on from a discussion I had with a colleague of mine this morning. On an average flight, how many people are likely to have status on average? I realize that certain times and routes are more likely than others to have status pax. The way I see it is there are two sides to this...
  10. harvyk

    What is SQ's equivalent of T-80?

    Hi, asking for a colleague, what is SQ equivalent of T-80? He is a no status flyer whom is wanting to select seats on an upcoming flight, there are 3 of them flying however there was no row of 3 available to him. Is there something like T-80 for SQ where all not yet taken seats can be...
  11. harvyk

    Around the world in 10 days

    Day 1 - CBR - SYD - LAX I arrived at Canberra airport much later than normal. Normally for big trips like this I am on the first flight out in the morning. As I am a member of AFF I knew exactly what the check in agent said when she said "looks like you're in W class" my upgrade had come...
  12. harvyk

    GPS on phone

    Well after me purchasing a GPS last year with the intention of taking OS, only to have it break on me half way through, I've decided to use my phone for GPS on my upcoming trip. I've been looking at options which do not use mobile data to work (so maps are pre-downloaded), I've come across one...
  13. harvyk

    BA charging for seat selection?

    So I'm booked on a BA flight later (ORD-LHR) this year, it'll be the first time I've flown with them. Something that I'm normally able to do on OW airlines is free advanced seat selection (talking Y as a OWR), however BA is wanting to charge me ~$60 for the privilege, despite the OW site stating...
  14. harvyk

    How long does it take for you to plan a trip?

    So the Mrs has given me permission to do a RWT trip a little later this year and attend a conference in Seattle, and visit the offices of one of our suppliers. Not 100% necessary for my day job, but this ain't going to hurt my career either. So I've started the planning, putting through dummy...
  15. harvyk

    Autistic girl kicked off flight ‘for making pilot feel uncomfortable’

    Autistic girl kicked off flight ‘for making pilot feel uncomfortable’ OK, so it's no news, which means take with grain of salt, but if true all I can think back to is one of my own experiences but with QF, when I told an FA that I was not a fan of the meal offered in Y, and he said "not a...
  16. harvyk

    MEL-PER New A330 J class

    Hi all, Just after seeing the review of the new A330 Y, I thought I'd put my thoughts down on the new A330 J class. First of all it's rare enough that I get to be among the first in this group to try a new plane offering, it's unheard of that my trial of the new offering is in J :p So I was...
  17. harvyk

    Worlds shortest flight - set to launch on April 1???

    FlyNiki’s 10 minute flight from Vienna to Bratislava it may be legit, but that "April 1" launch date just doesn't sit well with me... :lol:
  18. harvyk

    Do you learn the local language

    At the end of this month I'm heading off back to both Hong Kong and visiting Taiwan for the first time. I know that English is pretty widely spoken, and inside big cities especially inside tourist hubs most people there will speak English, especially if they are trying to sell stuff to...
  19. harvyk

    Passport stamps, love them or loath them?

    Over on FT there is a discussion over passport stamps. They are certainly becoming a part of a bygone era as more places use electronic means for tracking boarder movements. However are you happy to see them go or do you still love getting that stamp, if nothing else to say you've been there...
  20. harvyk

    Devices now allow at all stages of flight - what about exit rows

    More to the point, I was flying yesterday, and I'd picked the exit row as per normal. Anyway I took a glance at the exit row instructions card, the one that everyone insists they have read when asked, but in reality just place into the seat pocket in front without thinking about it again. One...