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  1. love_the_life

    Not quite flying but drron will know..... Musing on Silver Muse over Christmas

    So... it's been a pretty hard year. Some health issues for MrLtL, a return to work for me (do enjoy it but a good idea at the time?), Ms LtL doing a post grad course and stressing (of course including us in that!), my mother becoming more frail and the associated 'guilt' at not being there all...
  2. love_the_life

    Small plane crash at Wagga Wagga

    Canberra man lucky to be alive after burning plane crashes at airport Sounds like they were very lucky. If is another thread mods please delete. Oops meant to put this in Travel News :(
  3. love_the_life

    Pursuing pingu the penguin

    I know it's very early to start this TR but heck, why not? I was looking for a possible trip over the next few months as I was getting a little stir crazy at home.This adventure came about quite suddenly, by which I mean a day or so from suggestion to booking. Several options were canvassed...
  4. love_the_life

    Losing QFF points and calling in the media

    Personally I think that having the challenge is quite fair and not too onerous and certainly not going to cost 'thousands' as she claims. Wonder what other AFFers think? Cancer patient asks for Qantas's compassion after losing 150,672 points
  5. love_the_life

    Qantas gets a poor review by Age editor

    Interesting article in today’s media highlighting poor QF service. Seems they were having an off day. If Qantas is the spirit of Australia, that spirit needs to lift its game
  6. love_the_life

    Windy Wellington and the quirky QT

    A couple of days ago we spent a few days in Wellington NZ primarily to try the SQ direct flight from CBR, which actually was pretty good even in Y. When deciding where to stay, we were drawn by the location of the QT Museum Hotel, virtually opposite the Te Papa Hongawara (museum). This is a...
  7. love_the_life

    Propeller falls off Rex plane

    Not sure if this has already been posted (and if so Mods please delete) Passenger plane's propeller shears off in mid-flight, forcing emergency landing at Sydney
  8. love_the_life

    A tale of three hotels – in Tokyo, Kyoto and KIX airport

    I should point out that this will be as dry as piece of unbuttered toast but someone may find the information useful :) There have been many fine TRs written on Japan so I thought it better just to make some observations about three of the hotels we used on our recent trip. In order they were...
  9. love_the_life

    For those who want a different cruising experience.

    I will be passing on it though :shock: I'm quite surprised it is one of the Azamara ships offering this as I thought they were pitching themselves towards the mature market (well maybe the mature cruisers out there want a bit of excitement????). Either that or they are going to make a heap out...
  10. love_the_life

    P&O Australis - 5 ships together in Sydney Harbour 25 November 2015

    They're calling it a 5 ship spectacular for those who know P&O Australia (not having sailed on them myself). There are 5 ships in Sydney Harbour today and the naming of Eden and Aria their two newest ships (from HAL). The weather should stay good for them.
  11. love_the_life

    Rocking on Rovos Rail and wonderful wildlife

    There are so many fabulous TRs on Africa that I thought in the spirit of not boring people to death with our more mundane trip that I would instead only report on the things that others may not have included. Of course, no southern Africa TR would be complete without at least a smattering of the...
  12. love_the_life

    All aboard....the Eastern Orient Express, with bookends in Bangkok and Singapore

    Mr L_t_L and I thought we'd like a little getaway over Christmas so we thought a short train trip might fit the bill. So.... we leave tomorrow, Canberra - Sydney - Singapore (overnight), then on to Bangkok for a few nights. A bit of a mooch there at the Chatrium Riverside (haven't stayed there...
  13. love_the_life

    Where have the 717s gone SYD - CBR over Christmas

    :( Looking to book flights SYD - CBR on NYE and the only flights coming up are Dash 8s. 717s not mentioned at all. Connecting from international flights so not a happy chappy here (besides the fact that I really do not like the Dash 8s). Flying out before Christmas and that's fine. Don't...
  14. love_the_life

    Who is following who? VA travel card and QFF card

    Received this email today about my Velocity Dear XXX We are excited to announce that in the coming months we will be introducing a brand new side to your Velocity membership card called Global Wallet™. The front of your card still functions as your Velocity membership card but now, the other...
  15. love_the_life

    Double SC offer - question on existing bookings

    The Qantas SC fairy has visited with a double SC offer for me between now and 31 March which is great as I will make WP. My question is that I have some bookings already including a couple of JASA for this period but the email states that the offer is for new bookings and flights...
  16. love_the_life

    Re: New Member from CBR

    Re: New Member from MEL Greetings all. I have been reading the forum via a mobile app but have only just signed up. Based in Canberra I am a lowly Gold - desperately looking for ways to make it to elusive Platinum again by the end of March. Haven't been doing much work travelling recently (a...