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    Couple of award questions

    Hi everyone, I have been searching the site but I can't seem to find the answer to 2 questions: 1. If an award flight is available when searching from port A to B will QANTAS sell you a connecting flight to port A on the same PNR if you contact the call centre? 2. If you can see an itinerary...
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    New Virgin Check-in Perth

    Anyone know more about how the new Virgin check-in is going to work when Perth's new terminal opens?
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    Test match travel with new dates

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to highlight that Virgin is waiving change fees for any flights that need to be moved for travel to Brisbane for the Cricket test.:) Unfortunately for me they aren't presently doing this for changes to flights to Adelaide for what is now the first test.
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    Combining award and non-award segments

    Hi all. Wanted to ask the collective wisdom on linkin award and non-award flight segments. Is it possible to book award and non-award segments on the same PNR through the call centre? If not, what sort of protection is there for missed connections if it is all one world? Thought with new...
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    Koru club access with virgin lounge

    Can anyone tell me if flying long haul from Australia via Auckland with Air New Zealand whether Virgin Lounge club membership will get you into a Koru prior to the trans-Tasman legs? Ticketing all directly with Air NZ (not on virgin codes).
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    Do any Australian credit cards give airline status or status earning?

    I know there is a lot of discussion on whether Amex Platinum does or will continue to offer Marco Polo status, but are there any other credit cards available to Australians that offer airline status with any airline group? In NZ, various airpoints cards offer airpoints status earning.