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    Hyatt Prive/Guest of Honor Questions

    Hi Aussie "Team Hyatt" members, My brother @motef and I have booked a QF Hotels package at Alila Seminyak, Bali, next February for my 50th birthday. Is it possible to retroactively apply Prive and/or Globalist Guest of Honor benefits to a booking that's already been made?
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    AFF on Air Discussion thread

    Woot woot!! Hear hear @levelnine!! Thanks so much, @Mattg and your IT expert!!
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    AFF on Air Discussion thread

    Hey @Mattg, LOVE the podcast mate! Thanks for consistently putting out quality, actionable, and timely content every fortnight. One request on my end (from a Podcast tragic) - can you please submit the Podcast to Overcast for inclusion on their platform, as it doesn't show up anywhere on...
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    Bangkok Thailand - Do we really need 20,000 baht in cash to enter?

    Fully agree with @JohnK @oz_ally, as an Aussie who's lived here for five years (four in Chiang Mai, one in coughet), have never been asked. Agree as well 15 nights in Bangkok is way too long, 3 nights max is the go. Spread your wings by going down to Hua Hin, Koh Samui, coughet, or even hopping...
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    Average time for MH flights to credit to QFF?

    Anyone have any experience with this/idea of how long?
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    Is there a walk-up Customer Service counter at QF HQ in Mascot?

    Paging @Mattg @serfty @jb747 etc to this one - thanks team.
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    Overview of Best Qantas Status Run Options [not the discussion thread]

    Where's the discussion thread @Danger?
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    AFF Gathering #15 in NTL on 21 – 23 October 2022

    Please put me and Mrs Charger73 down for all events. Locals, possibly/probably carpooling with @motef and Mrs motef.
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    Qantas Wine latest offering

    Noob question - which QF (Premium?) Wine deals/offers/promos usually give you SCs, in addition to Points? (CC @motef )
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    Thailand Test & Go & Bangkok in Feb 2022

    Richard Barrow's latest update on the Thailand Pass and Test & Go: Latest Updates on the Thailand Pass
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    Thailand and Malaysia via Singapore

    Nothing required to transit SIN @JohnK (provided they meet all the current VTL requirements, naturally). I came back HKT-SIN-SYD last November with no hassles.
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    Plaza Premium drops Priority Pass in July 2021 [then reinstates in June 2023]

    Slightly OT here, but did I see a 20%? AFF Priority Pass joining discount somewhere around the site @Mattg et al??
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    AFF Gathering #15 in NTL 2021 **Rescheduled** to 21-23 October 2022

    Put me and +1 down for the whole lot thanks @Bindibuys! (We're locals ;))
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    BNE Airport tour (proposed when COVID allows) interest thread

    @QF WP Count me in for the BNE tour, if and when it goes ahead!
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    Thailand Test & Go & Bangkok in Feb 2022

    @Guvner @Unuuusual Lived in Chalong last year. Nai Harn beach is magic, and where all the local expats go. Highly recommend that area.
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    Thailand Test & Go & Bangkok in Feb 2022

    Lived in coughet for a year, last year - depends on what type of stay/experience you're after.
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    How is Thailand right now?

    Good to hear from you again @JohnK.
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    March 2022