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  1. flyingfan

    QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

    HKG Y→J successful text at T-26. Would have thought it’d be a bit earlier as a P1 but guess QF runs it to the wire. Happy to get a flat bed for the redeye.
  2. flyingfan

    The Operational Upgrade Thread

    Rekindling this thread with an op-up on CX for the two of us TPE-HKG from Y to J. Nice of CX to show generosity to OWE. They said it was a very full flight.
  3. flyingfan

    I'm in the QF Lounge thread

    In MEL F and QF29 to HKG looks to be delayed at least an hour
  4. flyingfan

    Qantas Platinum One experiences?

    Good to see it’s still a thing, I might have hope yet. Enjoy.
  5. flyingfan

    Ask The Pilot

    How often do RPT into SYD come up against the curfew? I know lots of airlines operate in but wondering how often per day or week considerations and ATC conversations happen about trying to expedite clearances, rush passengers to get away in time etc.
  6. flyingfan

    Qantas Adelaide Business Lounge

    While I'm happy ADL-heavy pax are getting a J lounge, it's astounding domestic SYD J isn't getting a refresh. It's almost as though it's QF's retort when accused of being SYD-centric.
  7. flyingfan

    The Qantas Newbie Questions Thread

    I totally missed that point :oops: Must be bumper loads
  8. flyingfan

    The Qantas Newbie Questions Thread

    Assuming international, they’re processed and notified a lot closer. From the website:
  9. flyingfan

    Pay Points to Extend Qantas Status

    Either it’s not a thing any more, not proactively offered or only offered if they think you’re close? I doubt they’re concerned about too many status holders or liabilities of points balances.
  10. flyingfan

    Platinum shadow seat

    Probably nothing reasonable right? A shadow isn’t a right or a paid service (it’s not a Neighbour Free seat)so the FAs would give short shrift.
  11. flyingfan

    Qantas to Introduce Group Boarding and Bag Tracking

    I have a bunch of status runs upcoming - for science, will collate each experience and report back.
  12. flyingfan

    Qantas to Introduce Group Boarding and Bag Tracking

    I can’t remember reading if travelling groups on the same PNR will automatically get the priority of the highest status pax? And if you’re travelling with someone in a different group and different PNR, you’ll either have to board separately or at the time of the lowest priority?
  13. flyingfan

    Virgin priority boarding fail

    IME they've gone back to boarding priority first, without the strange/silly simultaneous general boarding too. Good to see it's returned to how it's used to be, and quite effective for the most part.
  14. flyingfan

    Short turnarounds: Have you flown back from your destination with the same crew?

    Yes, I wish I had better reasons but it’s always been status runs. I try to think of a witty reply in case they comment on it, something like “Darn need to go back, forgot my toothbrush” or “Too warm here” (runs are often to Qld)
  15. flyingfan

    Why don't hotels make it easier to order room service?

    aka (or even in addition to!) a “tray charge”
  16. flyingfan

    Why don't hotels make it easier to order room service?

    I wonder if room service is a loss leader for hotels (despite the fact they charge something like $29 for a sandwich) and just have a bare minimum service to cater for the odd occasion when someone arriving on the red eye needs a feed - maybe they can’t be bothered making it easy and attractive.
  17. flyingfan

    The Qantas Newbie Questions Thread

    I think you’re better off asking the CSM on board to swap.
  18. flyingfan

    The Virgin Australia Newbie Questions Thread

    Don’t recall this happening in many dozens of flights in the golden triangle, when I’m usually in row 4 (and often just about the only person with a vacant seat next to me). I choose the seat as soon as it’s ticketed too.
  19. flyingfan

    Bonza Airline Discussion

    Not looking good at all… looked at a few Qld airports and indeed most or all their services are cancelled :(