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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Which is generally much cheaper and far better quality than Dan Murphy's.
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Langtons always have auctions where you can buy good quality wine and spirits at discounted prices.
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    Qantas domestic economy meals

    The business class meals served by Qantas on domestic flights are inedible so I hate to think what's served in economy. 🤢
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    Amazing Emirates Business Class experience

    Unlike Qantas, Emirates has a reputation for providing excellent customer service.
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Try Langtons online at where you find great deals on wine and other alcohol at their weekly online auctions. I've found some excellent bargains which you'll never find in any bottle shop.
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    Travel-sized cosmetics

    Check out eBay where sellers offer new and unused amenity kits from all the major airlines including Qantas, Emirates, Singapore Airlines etc. The amenity kits are generally first or business class and they're happy to post to your front door, no matter where you live in the world.