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    nab rewards to krisflyer how long does it take?

    If you need it into KF asap, best to transfer to VFF plus you can get a bit extra with the regular bonuses if you time it right
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    NAB Rewards - Accor Status

    But you do get triple points (3.75) for international transactions
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    NAB Rewards Business Signature Card

    It goes under the name of the primary. 3.3 Can Cardholders earn Points? Cardholders other than you do not earn Points in their own right but may accumulate Points to your Points Balance. It probably isn't the best option for 10 additional users as NAB charges an annual fee per card. On the...
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    $200 "Dining credit" towards a list of Global Restaurants

    Can confirm that it works with SJ GC purchase (in person at least), took 3 days to get out of pending, I guess it's useful if in the last week you haven't spent it.
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    AMEX Platinum Charge Benefits - Q&A

    I applied for the Accor through the AMEX online benefits page for the card, and received the Accor membership confirmation email 1 week later, this was 2 weeks ago. Maybe you're looking for an email from AMEX instead of Accor In the 2 weeks, I've already received 5 marketing emails from Accor
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    Considering AmEx Platinum for Small Business, What to Use When Not Accepted?

    You're overthinking it, if you are putting $250k per year through a cc, StG Signature - 1.65 p/$ (after 10% birthday bonus) = 250000 x 1.65 = 412500 amp points = 206250 KF/VFF StG business - 1 p/$ = 250000 amp points = 125000 KF/VFF you're losing 81250 KF/VFF points per year or simply 0.325...
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    Considering AmEx Platinum for Small Business, What to Use When Not Accepted?

    The main issue with the St George app is that it doesn't notify transactions in real time, only when they move out of pending. You get them all at bulk when they clear, including ATM cash deposits, even though you can access those funds immediately. As for the 250k, that's not an issue at all...
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    New Amex statement credits

    I saw it in the app
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    New Amex statement credits

    I've got this for this month Get 1 Membership Rewards Bonus Point per $1 spent, up to 10,000 Bonus Points. Anniversary Month With American Express Biz Explorer card I guess the new form of retention bonus?
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    Paying VicRoads rego using AmEx

    Anything I'm missing? Or am I just best off with sticking with my MC payment I thought the Coles cards excludes earning on government related transactions anyway.
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    RewardPay Alternatives

    Wouldn't the Black be considered a premium card though? * Standard Mastercard cards - 0.8% +GST Premium Mastercard cards - 1.2% +GST
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    Yeah it's not really proof of anything, but the best that I could show without linking an actual transaction to the points earned like how Amex do it. It's how they list the points earned on their nab rewards portal. It's also great on use to pay deft bpay
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    I think its what the T&C doesn't say that is the point. 6. in the T&C is "What transactions don't earn Points?" not "What transactions do earn Points" there is no mention of BPAY plus as proof, NAB Rewards Business Signature Card 02/12/2020-07:16 INTERNET BPAY TAX OFF ******######**** 1654...
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    KrisFlyer 15% Transfer Bonus! [Offer Extended to Jan 16th 2021]

    I'm not sure if its been mentioned yet but link
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    It clearly advertised on their website in the business section, so not sure if it's a big deal.
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    Pro-tip - pay ATO via BPAY with the NAB Business Cards (Qantas and NAB rewards variants) get full points and ZERO fees
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    KrisFlyer 15% Transfer Bonus! [Offer Extended to Jan 16th 2021]

    I was planning to transfer my tranche of NAB rewards points to KF as well (>1m), but Asia Miles is doing a promotion soon I have recently been transferring my NAB points monthly to Asia Miles as they start to expire (3 years) waiting for a bonus. So it may be targeted. KF balance is already too...
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    New Amex statement credits

    Did you pay by Apple Pay ? Spend $100 or more, get $15 back, up to 3x Apple Pay I have made a purchase for > $200 with apple pay and and got a $30 credit, (2x $15 I assumed) it is also the only offer I have saved to that card
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    New Amex statement credits

    Business Explorer card Annual fee is due Sep, so no doubt is connected