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    BA - LAX check in time

    Thanks so much, that’s very helpful.
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    BA - LAX check in time

    Hi all, I’m finding some contradicting information so just checking if anyone knows the most recent: Does BA allow for early check in with luggage at LAX? Am WP Flying J class on BA280 LAX to LHR, departure 1710, I know there is an early BA flight to LHR that day, would I be able to drop...
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    Avis President Club

    Hi all, I’ve recently been upgraded to AVIS President Club. Any one know the perks? Or what I should be looking out for?
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    Each individual reward leg is available, but not linked

    I’ve been able to link 2 rewards booking at check in.
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    Italy car hire

    Hi team, heading over to Italy in August. Need to get a hire car from Rome FCO Airport and dropping off to Pisa Airport. 5 day hire. I’m: - Avis preferred - Hertz 5 star (but the app shows error everytime I put the trip in so haven’t been able to get a quote) - Sixt emerald club executive...
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    Qantas to launch in-depth partnership with Accor ALL

    Sadly My Accor Gold that I got via the QF promo expired 31/12/2023. assume that the same for everyone ?
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    Taken Qantas Lounge Invitations

    I have 1 x General expiring Thu 13 Apr 2023 that I will not get any use out of. If anyone has a flight they can use them for let me know.
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    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    This is really helpful VERY much appreciate!
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    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    I'm flying first class on SQ for the first time Sydney to Singapore • SQ 212 early June. Then back in Business Singapore to Sydney • SQ 221. I just wanted to reach out and ask you all if there's anything this first timer should know and make sure I don't miss out on! Any and all advice...
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    AMEX Platinum Charge Benefits - Q&A

    Bizarre I just logged back on and it was back there!!
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    AMEX Platinum Charge Benefits - Q&A

    Has anyone else notice that Qantas has dropped off from AMEX Frequent Traveller Partners. I just logged on to do a transfer but Qantas is no longer an option!! does anyone know whats going on?
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    Qantas faces court test over duty of care to customers <redacted article content>. Mr Hassett was on his way to the airport in Bogota, Colombia when he learned a flight delay would make him too late...
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    Economy Fully Flex Fare Status points?

    Hi all, A question. I've booked a fully flex Y fare Sydney > Darwin which will get me 40 status credits. I've put in for points upgrade, my question is if it comes through, what points and status credit do I get credited? Flex fare economy or Business ? Thanks, Trent
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    Long layover - Can/Will I get my bag?

    Hi All - I've got a question Im hoping you can help with. As you can see below I have a long (intentional) transit in SIN and going to head into the city for dinner and see friends. Staying at a hotel. My question is when landing in Singapore will I able to pick up my bags or will they get...
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    AMEX Plat Car Rental Cover

    What a huge down grade to what it use to be
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    AMEX Plat Car Rental Cover

    Do you now need to book your airfares on the card to be covered for OS trips?
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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    Thanks dairyfloss, really interesting!
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    Flight Availability/Loadings & Upgrade Probability Help Desk

    Hi - Can I please ask for someone to check the following flights for me please? SYD > DXB 23 JUN EK415 DXB > LHR 23 JUN EK5 LHR > DXB 15 JUL EK4 DXB > SYD 16 JUL EK412 Thanks in advance - a new comer here, what are you using to get the info?