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    Peppers Daylesford no more

    Hi All, Unfortunately it would seem Peppers in Daylesford has been sold off and no longer operated by Peppers. Was hoping for a 2 night get away around Easter but it no longer appears on the Peppers website or App. On emailing them I had an auto-reply saying: “Accor is no longer operating...
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    Offline FF Reward Seats

    Hi, Does anyone know if I call the call centre can I access reward seats on certain carriers that are not accessible or visible online? What carriers can only be access via the call centre? Many thanks, David.
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    First complaint in years

    Qantas came back with an apology and 10k points credited as a ‘sorry’. At least they acknowledged it, but I wish they actually made some meaningful product changes and reintroduced half decent service. Will cross my fingers they do in future.
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    First complaint in years

    Hi All, My complaint may seem like a first world problem, and yes it is, but when QF charges ludicrous prices, decent service is expected by crew, as is a policy and environment to help produce it by management. I haven’t made a complaint in years and have had worse experiences and tend to...
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    Retaining status before end of year

    I don’t have an enough status points (2000 short of diamond) this calendar year but have 72 nights on my counter. My understanding is number of nights however don’t matter anymore it’s just the status points if i want to maintain diamond, is that right?
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    Points Club+ Status Rollover

    If you got 500sc rolled over and are PC+ do you still get another 100sc? The extra PC+ haven’t posted yet and membership reset 30 June.
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    Virgin Australia to Reconfigure Fleet - Spend $110M

    Agree it’s a very mediocre upgrade. The economy seats are the same ones Tigerair had on the 737s. Max or not I would not fly CNS-HND on a 737 and for Virgin to not have even worked our lounge access is a joke yet they still think they can charge top dollar for J class, amateur hour at VA like...
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    Red Hot Rooms

    Great thanks for letting me know!
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    Red Hot Rooms

    Hi, Can anyone confirm for me that if you book red hot rooms (in NZ) they still earn normal full Accor points?
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    Qantas Premier Titanium card

    Yep they have only just bought Qantas Money so no changes have been made still seems to be on the Citi platform which is painful. I do hope they change platform sometime soon.
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    Qantas Premier Titanium card

    Absolutely cannot justify this card for $1200 a year. Benefits are very poor. I have the Qantas Money Platinum Card which I think is the best fit and does represent good value for money. HOWEVER! I hate that it takes sometimes 2 days to Bpay onto it…give me a proper credit card issued by one of...
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    Qantas Points Not Posting?

    Likewise flew EK MEL-DXB-BRU approx 12 days ago and nothing has shown on my activity. Clearly a problem with EK flights coming over.
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    Qantas Business Class meals & menus

    My last few Qantas J flights were a disgrace. No wine before take off.. only one choice of red and a disgusting toasty…. Qantas are just going from bad to worse. It’s a joke that they still demand such premium prices…. Never thought I would say it but give me VA J any day now. Also probably...
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    Qantas Business Class meals & menus

    Two J Class flights 5 days apart. A330 SYD-MEL and MEL-BNE on a 737. Same meal both times was disgusting. Could buy it on JQ for $8.
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    Accor ALL Fawlty Towers performance

    Absolute shambles, I’m going to move to IHG now, I don’t think the benefits are as good but at least I don’t need to worry about points never appearing when book through work.
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    Redeeming TG Flights

    Thanks MathNerd, was looking a bit earlier. Do you know if TG flights ever appear?
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    Redeeming TG Flights

    Hi All, I have a stack of Krisflyer points and want to go to Bangkok in Business Class. There are not many SQ flights via SIN without bad layovers so hence I want to get a MEL-BKK on TG as they are star alliance I think it should be possible. Do their flights appear online to book or do you...
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    Not Booking Hotel Directly

    Hi All, Our company is moving to a Travel Agency for all Business travel as opposed to us being able to book ourselves directly 😭😭. For airlines this is fine as you still get points and status credits BUT Hotels I have always found troublesome in this regard so a few questions: 1: Do any...
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    Platinum upgrades on Choice and Elevate Fares - now to June 2022

    Have tried requesting these about 5 times and no seats or paid only. How early can you request the comp Upgrades?
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    Melbourne Virgin Lounge using old "The Club" Space - Overcrowded!

    God VA are amateur..... I’ve been in the QF Business Lounge multiple times in the last few weeks and no sit down requirement, QR code rubbish and tightness you are scanned in at the door!....As a VA PLT the service and offering just gets worse and worse.....really not interested in going back.