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  1. dontwanttoregister

    David Jones: AMEX to Latitude

    Today is the last day to cancel your storecard/DJ Amex if you don’t want your info passed on to Latitude.
  2. dontwanttoregister

    David Jones: AMEX to Latitude

    Store card seems to be ineligible for transfer using the online links on the Essentials and Platinum Edge pages. Hopefully they provide an exit path when I can get through to the right person on the phone. I have a Heritage card. DJs and Amex never came good on the promise of special offers for...
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    Strategy to obtain US Amex

    Hmmm. On desktop, the only Hilton card showing for me under hotels is the Surpass, and the direct Aspire link goes to an error page. It’s also missing from the carousel of all cards at the bottom of the Cards page - it says 15 cards, and shows 15 cards, not including Aspire! After seeing your...
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    Strategy to obtain US Amex

    Hopefully I’m mistaken but looks like the Hilton Aspire is no longer available for new applicants? Despite the very recent changes, it’s still attractive to me, but those changes may only apply to existing cardholders? I had held back for some time to align with Diamond expiry, but it seems I...
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    What happened to the DJ Amex card?

    Has anyone heard anything about the new offer and/or transfer? We are creeping up to the announced start date of September David Jones signs Latitude as credit cards partner in exclusive 10-year deal | Media Releases
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    New Velocity Points Table for Virgin Australia Domestic flights

    I use it every year to book Fiji or other in demand seats at Christmas. Has been brilliant and have always got the days and flights I want. They push the 3-day rule if there are points seats avail on those days, which never happens for the high demand period I use it. …so as a platinum I am...
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    QF classic reward on Fiji Airways not ticketed

    Thanks both. @dairyfloss that was enough to make me put aside some more time to call! I managed to get through on the phone, and they were able to resolve after some back and forth. I now have tickets! I admit to being slightly spooked by recent news and chatter. I have to compliment the Fiji...
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    QF classic reward on Fiji Airways not ticketed

    Hi all I was fortunate enough to snag a family’s worth of QF Classic Reward tickets on Fiji Airways (on a non-QF, non-Jetstar route) over the Christmas school holidays. Nearly 48 hours on, the booking has not been ticketed. Payment was taken immediately for the taxes and the points were...
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    Family VA Platinum + HSBC credit card lounge access

    Thanks @nightelves, will dive in to the HSBC application experience and get myself gold!
  10. dontwanttoregister

    Family VA Platinum + HSBC credit card lounge access

    Hi, any suggestions? TLDR: Can I access SQ lounge using Krisflyer Gold status with VA Velocity on the ticket?
  11. dontwanttoregister

    Family VA Platinum + HSBC credit card lounge access

    Hello all! I am a VA Platinum, travelling with family (total 2 adults + 12yo + 10yo) to Europe on SQ via Singapore with ~24hr stopovers (both directions). I understand I'm entitled to only one guest in the lounge, regardless of whether they are adult or child. Anything more is subject to the...
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    what happens to "Member Since" date if I cancel primary card

    Late reply, but might still be helpful. My experience is that the earliest date holds, and you’ll keep it (or can ask for it) when you return to AmEx. More often than not, with a new card they’ll get my starting year wrong (and not always a year that makes sense!), but a quick call or online...
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    Virgin Australia enter Voluntary Administration - Impact on Amex cards?

    For Velocity cards with annual fees due between May and August, the annual fee due date will be deferred to November 2020. I rang to cancel today and was advised this was just announced internally. Comms will be sent to affected cardholders shortly.
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    Delta Airlines Delays/Cancellations

    Does anyone have any insight as to why DL40 diverted to HNL yesterday (19 jan)?
  15. dontwanttoregister

    Another one bites the dust, Amex dumped by CBA

    Double points for Nov and Dec on the MasterCard landed in my email inbox today. They are trying to keep the m/c in our wallets. Too little, too late for me.
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    Diners club companion card

    So the next question... jump on it, or wait and see if Citi provides any encouragement for existing customers to add the card?!
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    Rural Airline Checking

    I had this for the first time recently when flying Virgin Syd-Mel and back home. I was asked for ID for adults and asked for a Medicare card showing the children's names and at the name of at least one adult from the party. I don't recall ever having to do this before.
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    Another one bites the dust, Amex dumped by CBA

    A quirk of CBA is that supplementary cards have the same number as the primary cardholder. Paypal wont allow two accounts to have the same card, and the Amex/Mastercard was a handy way of dealing with this problem. Well, thats out the door now too! Maybe its time to bite the bullet, go...
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    Amex and Chartered Accountants (CA) will end their partnership

    Curious as to who ends these deals, I assume it is an Amex decision based on meeting targets or something along those lines. Little reason for the associations/affinity partners for cutting off a commission source? Law Society of NSW recently ended their partnership with Amex. Very disappointing.
  20. dontwanttoregister

    Another one bites the dust, Amex dumped by CBA

    CommBank have updated their site with a little more info, but there's nothing there to suggest they are going to make changes to compensate for the benefits lost (ie no hint of fee-free international transactions on the Mastercard) Changes to CommBank American Express® Cards - CommBank