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    Strange Food Decisions

    Im based in Japan up to 6 months a year and tend to eat out a lot. For some stupid odd reason every time I see shirako (fish sperm sacks) on a menu I order it knowing I'm not going to like it but I still try it, my friends keep asking 'why you not eating it'? It's making me feel sick now. And I...
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    Iceland bound - Tips?

    Hello, My tip is to get out of Reykjavík and rent a car and drive around or fly. See some volcanos or glaciers that’s always good a bit of hiking is required for most but worth it, Snæfellsjökull is a nice one to visit. And always a favourite of mine as it’s close to where my some of my family...
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    Qantas check in Brisbane International Terminal

    Thank you for your help.
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    Qantas check in Brisbane International Terminal

    Hello again, Silly question I normally fly via SYD or MEL international terminals when I’m based in Australia but this is my first time via BNE. I was told they have the check in kiosks which don’t bother me but was wondering do they still have a business class/platinum check in counter or is it...
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    QF34 Lounge information

    Hi all, flying out of Osaka Kansai shortly on QF34 in J and I am just wondering what the Sakura Lounge is like at Kansai Airport? It’s been a few years well maybe a bit more but wondering what it is like now has it been refurbished or still the same as it was 5 years ago? Thanks for you assistance.
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    Experience of Emergency measures

    Yes I’ve have a few go arounds in NRT the winds there can be strong. Had my nephew with me one time scared him half to death.
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    What do you look forward to more - the Flight or the Destination?

    I enjoy both I must admit even to the point that I book a plane spotters package at Rydges airport in Sydney the night before my flight. My partner on the other hand only starts to enjoy his journey once he steps foot of the plane. We pretty much fly J for flights if it's available, I find...
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    Next Qantas Japan Sale?

    Ahhh yes spot on.
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    Next Qantas Japan Sale?

    This one restricted the dates a lot more then the other sales I have seen. Counted my lucky stars the dates were right for me.
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    Next Qantas Japan Sale?

    Reminds me I need a new one too lol
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    Next Qantas Japan Sale?

    Too tempting it's a good price and the flights for me are from Canberra via Brisbane to Narita so I pay a little extra for a stop over in brisbane and get to see family at the same time.
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    Next Qantas Japan Sale?

    Yes it has which is excellent just historically I kept thinking and saying to myself they normally do have a sale on at the beginning of the year? And they did. have booked 2 trips for this year in business class as it was a good price. Thanks for the heads up it was not on my mind to look today.
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    Next Qantas Japan Sale?

    Thanks for your insight
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    Next Qantas Japan Sale?

    Hi Guys, Does Qantas normally have a international business class sale / Japan sale at the beginning of the year? Trying to plan a trip and not sure if I should wait or just book now? Thanks