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    Flying Air Canada - Velocity points and lounge access?

    Yes you’ll get lounge.. don’t expect anything above a crowded regional QP. Shame there’s still no other benefits on the cards. Thought it would be an easy tie up given the other *A partners.. but then again, AC has a track record of providing disappointment and telling you it’s actually world...
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    Qantas Increases Legroom Charges; Changes to Row 4 selection on most 737 flights

    But not on the RHS (I assume DEF) seats? So they aren’t aligned in even rows? I haven’t set foot on a 220 yet :)
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    Qantas Increases Legroom Charges; Changes to Row 4 selection on most 737 flights

    Are QF considering the 2 of the 2-3 config an extra legroom seat? Without any extra legroom? They have no shame 😂😅
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    Qantas Increases Legroom Charges; Changes to Row 4 selection on most 737 flights

    Here’s a question to consider - What even is the benefit you receive as a Platinum when on a plane, doing the actual flying - you know, the whole point? Personally, I’ve flown 21 sectors in the past 3 months - a third QF, a third OW, and a third *A. I’ve just started a fresh membership year...
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    Partner (VA) Status benefits flying AC

    There’s been posts/quotes from the AC rep in the past year or two about AC honoring VA status properly like the other partners (UA/SQ/EY) - anyone heard anything lately? Really hard work holding 2x platinum from both VA and QF and trying to have any basic benefits flying around Canada. Unsure...
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    Changes to Additional Baggage, Seat Selection and Unaccompanied Minor fees effective 18 April 2024

    This may have been missed by the AU audience - on top of the CA QF website the banner has links to new pricing policies for baggage and seat selection. Main changes I can see are increases to domestic overweight baggage and long haul exit row seats, with a new granular zone based system rather...
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    Lounge Access Help Desk

    I believe yes, but expect some potential consideration to JQ8 departing T4 - eg drop bag at t4, sky train to t1, and back for departure. Might take some time!
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    Taken Free - 4 * Lounge Passes expiring 14th & 15 Mar 2024

    Very kind, a reminder how generous the community is.
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    Double Status Credits promotion (Book by 27/2/24, travel 28/2/24-14/2/25)

    I've noticed a lot of dates in Jan/Feb for short hops on the triangle+ (bne<>syd<>mel<>adl) conveniently have zero flex seats available :)
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    QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

    Oh I misinterpreted - thought you went from Y+ to J. I guess you got my freshly vacated Y+ seat! I’m WP.
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    QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

    Same here - although only requested it 2 days ago, and technically t-27ish for me. See you in J!
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    QF Upgrades - Successes or Failures (post results)

    Anyone had success with ODU available for QFi?
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    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    QF11/12 is a zoo, no structured lines just a bunch of pointless signs hanging about, with staff calling out for any First pax hanging about. Same experience for both - Qf 11 at gate 9 last year and QF12 last week in LAX. Ryanair is more organized than this.
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    Flying Air Canada - Velocity points and lounge access?

    What happened to the improved reciprocal benefits on AC with VA status? It was talked about a year ago by an AC rep.. anyone seen anything lately? Lounge is a plus, but seats/bag would be more useful given the state of AC.. FWIW I’ve had no issues accessing MLL throughout Canada with my...
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    The Qantas Newbie Questions Thread

    Sorry for the simple post - couldn’t find what I was looking for with the search. What’s the go with bulkhead / first row blocks on QFi? Flying QF12 in PE next week and entire bulkhead row is blocked (EF says blocked not allocated). Are they holding in case 7 P1 book last minute? As a WP...
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    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    Data point from a couple of week ago - QF 11 on a just over half full flight (which is still 250+ pax) - PB was so bad the gate agents were calling out to the scrum for “Any First Class pax”…
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    Virgin Australia Discover Gold (Status Match)

    When I applied, it was 80SC for gold, and 200SC and 1 sector for platinum. On getting my confirmation, it referenced 1sector for gold and 2 sectors for platinum… and of Course I go back to check the website and it’s been changed. anyone got a screenshot?
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    No Velocity status benefits on Air Canada?

    Guessing also no baggage allowance/seating for VA status? Aeroplan really is horrible.. would much rather be crediting to VA
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    Qantas extends current status Until at least March 2021

    Extension applied on my account tonight. App FF card updated, and a line item for 0 SC & points titled 'Status Extended for 12 Months' in the activity statement. Removal of target remaining for WP, only showing P1 target.
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    Virgin Australia launches 'coronavirus status extension' plan

    Realistically you only access the perks if you are flying... otherwise its a shiny coaster in your wallet.