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    Up to 35,000 Velocity points for switching to AGL Energy

    I did receive it on my first invoice - it was ex-GST so total credit on my bill was $182.82. I have $75 left which are about to run out in the next fews days which should cover a bit over half of our comsumption until the 10-days cooling off period runs out. Good timing!
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    Up to 35,000 Velocity points for switching to AGL Energy

    Signed up 01MAY Points received 31MAY. Have just received a price variation notice. Off to Origin with a $200 sign-up credit and then OVO with a 50$ gift card from Watt-ever + $150 staggered over three months. I have not found any other better deals yet. AGL Westpac is still up as a back-up...
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    No more Telstra #100# to recharge, now have to go through app

    Sounds like an APN issue -
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    Classic Award Booking Cancellation Fees & Refund Processing Time

    I’ve canceled 2 awards ex-CDG. Got the refunds on my French Amex a few days later however the points were stuck somewhere for a good month. A quick message thread via Messenger and my points appeared instantly minus the cancellation fee. Might be worth sending a quick message instead of...
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    Your recommended no fee credit card

    Bendigo B Ready is a great contender to BankWest, I've found - however awaiting for my others cards to be closed down before opening a new card.
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    Access to Etihad Business & Partner Lounges flying ‘cheapest’ business award flight

    Etihad allows lounge access for all business fares - no matter revenue or awards. They have not started (yet!) to strip off lounge access with specific fares.
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    Card Promotions Velocity Flyer Card: 25,000 Velocity Pts (with $1500 Spend Each Month) for 4 Months, $129 Virgin Voucher, $64 Fee @ Virgin Money

    Ah that's good to know. I had not been rejected for any other cards, just wanted to churn to the Virgin Money credit card and then close the Citi account. It did not work so I closed Citi first, waited two months, applied for a Virgin Money card and was then approved.
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    Card Promotions Velocity Flyer Card: 25,000 Velocity Pts (with $1500 Spend Each Month) for 4 Months, $129 Virgin Voucher, $64 Fee @ Virgin Money

    I've found last time that I was rejected by Virgin Money, as an existing Citi Credit Card holder, it did not result in a credit check at all, just an instant rejection. I cannot see any credit check entry on my credit files. I imagine their back-end system matched up my data within Citi's...
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    Changing FF number on Award booking

    You can book with your velocity points and you can change the FF Program while booking. Should be no problems. I book EY awards via VF points and change my FFP to Etihad Guest. I did the same with 2x QR awards FFP changed to Privilege Club.
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    Discounts for Buying a New Sony Phone?

    It means that your call is going through as data-packets over 4G/5G instead of a proper voice call via the 3G network. You need to check that the phone has VOLTE/VOWIFI in their specifications - they usually all do now - however, what you need to check is that Telstra is supported in their...
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    Discounts for Buying a New Sony Phone?

    I'd be triple-checking that the phone supports VOLTE/VOWIFI for Australian phone providers - otherwise you will not be able to call over 4G networks. My European Android phone does not support any VOLTE/VOWIFI settings for Australian phone providers - making the phone useless here.
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    I was able to log in with no problems. Downgraded to Gold with 40 QCredits loaded and 4 lounge passes showing in my account.
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    Strategy to obtain US Amex

    Textnow is okay with a bit of ads - I have however opened a line with Tello and it works perfectly with wifi calls and sms in Australia.
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    Etihad Guest status match for Australian and Indian residents

    Were you flying on a KE marketed and operated sector or an EY-marketed KE operated sector ? Lounge access is only for EY marketed and KE operated for lounge access. It is the same setup for ANA and was the setup for NZ. Etihad partners have different levels of partnership for frequent flyer...
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    eSims, what is your experience.

    The number is not checked - just to pass through the sign-up prompts. We signed up once we passed customs - wifi is mandatory to receive the eSIM - takes less than 5 minutes. It will only work if you open the app in the US, connected to a US IP address - if you try in Australia, it will...
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    eSims, what is your experience.

    Yes - as long as you can download the app - you will be good to go. Unlimited data and calls throughout the US - it worked very well. You will then be assigned an US phone number. Use the hotel address and their landline to sign up. If the Tmobile service doesn't work, consider the Verizon...
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    Many Velocity Partner Redemptions Becoming Unattainable

    This would be the equivalent of a commercial fare but paid with your miles instead of cash which explains why the figure quoted is astronomical. QF used to also offer those fares on the booking page with points that confused many customers - it has now been moved to the payment page - still...
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    REX and Eithad announces interline

    I was searching yesterday on Etihad and some OTAs and none of them are displaying ZL interline sectors. EY/VA codeshares are always shown first on EY's website -- with VA interline and then QF interline available on OTAs with EY/VA codeshares. I cannot see any ZL sectors connected to EY sectors...
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    OneWorld partners and baggage

    Your luggage will be tagged to LAX with QF. At LAX, retrieve your luggage and check it again with AA.
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    Virgin/Qatar seat selection

    Does anyone know which fare class in each fare category allows free seat selection prior to check-in ?