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    Rex BidUp Success and Failures

    Have a flight today from BNE-SYD. Bid up about a week out for the minimum bid $40. 9:32am - 24 hours out from flight - Email saying I had been outbid 9:32am - 24 hours out from flight - Second email less than 20 seconds after the last one saying my bid was successful! Confusing experience but...
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    AU - US........ANZ, VA or Delta?

    one thing you have to remember with flying NZ is sure you will get lounge as far as LAX but then ur stuffed unless u have a *A membership as well. Whereas the DL option means skyclubs all the way to MCO.
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    HHonors Gold/Diamond for Velocity Gold/Plat

    there is a free Gold offer floating around on certain websites
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    Maintain Velocity Platinum - how long for you?

    Ok so perhaps the Sectors don't count on Requalification but only on Status Upgrades. That makes more sense at least.
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    Virgin Australia Business Class - Meals, Menus & Service

    I do apoligise it is not exactly the best photo of it. It didn't taste like Fake potato, it may have been but i believe this was catered out of Melbourne so it could be the Melbourne catering company??
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    Maintain Velocity Platinum - how long for you?

    Either way im stuffed, cause i dont have time for any more qualifying flights before I move Overseas anyway, so will see what happens either way.
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    Maintain Velocity Platinum - how long for you?

    So its not valid then till August 2012 for ANYONES requalification? Sorry my requal date is for august and its a bit confusing for a status n00b like myself.
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    Maintain Velocity Platinum - how long for you?

    With maintaining status.. my status currently shows that I have not made enough "eligible sectors" to maintain.. but yet it shows I have flown more than enough sectors? Whats going on? Is it just a mishap.. Can show screen dump if need be. (I have enough SC to maintain)
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    status credits with Virgin America

    Mine failed to post within a month and I had to retro, but then they posted within 2 further weeks. Give it a few weeks if nothing, retro.
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    6pm departure = snack service

    Re: Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus Qantas have had how many years of practice at this compared to DJ? It's still early days!
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    Virgin Australia Business Class - Meals, Menus & Service

    Flights in J on Sunday 8th DJ278 Canberra to Melbourne - E190 - Snack Flight (1700-1810) Virgin Australia Business Class Afternoon Snack (the infamous Cheese Plate) by Kaell116, on Flickr DJ351 Melbourne to Brisbane - 738 - Dinner Flight (1900-2110) Was offered a sampling since I was the...
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    Virgin Australia Business Class - Meals, Menus & Service

    Muppet did you fly that Sunday the 8th? If so... i think that was me you were sitting near in the lounge with the Giant Camera Bag (was in 3A on the same flight).
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    Change of flights on the most restrictive airfares

    If he is not trying to change todays sector, but his return then yes he can still change this online. I do it all the time for clients bookings. Just tell him to log in and do it. Todays sector though, not a chance!
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    Revenue Management and Virgin Pricing

    nothing if your Gold or Platinum. Ive done it. If there is a flight an hour later thats cheaper i usually book it and hope that i can fly next flight. Although with my luck in this experience that flight goes out delayed and in the end i dont save any time or $$$
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    Sydney Airport Parking Points Rubbish

    I dont think its Just Sydney Airport Parking i believe its their whole parking program HAve 3 sets of parking from 60 days ago that have still not yet credited and I have already retro claimed. Going to have to start emailing soon i think.
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    Revenue Management and Virgin Pricing

    It happens all the time For instance if you have a high end saver fare in say an X Fare Class, low end Saver S Class (may not be real class but using as example) but a Low End Flexi in H Fare Class and a High end Flexi in Y class. Say the flight had the following fare classes and it was set...
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    6pm departure = snack service

    This is the offical meal schedule provided to me by Virgin Australia after an enquiry regarding pretty poor meal performance. Meal Type Meal Window Breakfast First Flight - 08.30 Morning Snack 08.31 - 11.59 Lunch 12.00 - 14.00 Afternoon Snack 14.01 - 17.59 Dinner 18.00 -...
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    Virgin Australia Business Class - Meals, Menus & Service

    Let's try to get a handle on what DJ serve to their Business/premium customers and when they serve it. Please post your experience of flying business/premium on Velocity Australia Photos would be good too. :D Update 6th March 2016: Meal Type Meal Window Breakfast 03:00 - 09:29...
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    Another double SC promo already?

    gave in today and rebooked a business class flight I booked months ago to get double credits. Wasn't going to but i was flying it purely for status anyway so cant not do it !
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    Twisted Seat Belts

    nope I had this on a Refit bird coming back from Sydney last week. The offending seat was 21F on VH-VOT