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    How well do you sleep on planes?

    I need to support my arms to be able to sleep. I used to tuck a pillow beside my side of the armest to support my arms on one side. The other side, I used my armrest since I always opted for one of the aisle seats in the middle row. B777 and even A330 had decent sized armrest and I used to be...
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    Airline of The Year 2024 predictions

    I have been loyal to SQ for many years but did a few flights on QR last year and was quite pleased. I feel QR is equally good if not slightly better. They may not have the same level of consistency as that of SQ. ..and I normally have a perfect view of top the wings from where I sit.
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    Heavy duty padlocks in cabin baggage

    Thanks Forg.
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    Heavy duty padlocks in cabin baggage

    I need to take two heavy duty padlocks (454gms each). Can I take it in my hand carry or should I put in my checked in luggage ? International flights.
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    What happened to the DJ Amex card?

    The David Jones Amex is still on 2:1 for Krisflyer unlike the Platinum edge. I plan to transfer all the points shortly and then call Amex to see if they can offer me a deal to retain me.
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    What happened to the DJ Amex card?

    The DJ Amex membership points to Krisflyer is still 2:1 while it is 3:1 for the Platinum edge. Will be a good idea to transfer the miles before moving to Amex Platinum edge for those of us not wanting to move to latitude.
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    Gold status, got bumped from flight to Bangkok. Colleagues who are Bronze status / not even QFF members are still on flight.

    If this ticket was paid for using a credit card, are there any options for a chargeback? Did not receive the product for which the payment was authorised?
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    What cheeses me off

    What cheeses me off... contacting Qantas contact centre. consistently poor service.
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    Disney plus bonus points

    I received my points - converted them to Flybuy dollars and spent it this morning. Now I will cancel my subscription before they renew.
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    your Gold tier covered for 2021. Thank You Qatar Airways
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    Who is behind proposed new airline? – (Amazon) Prime Air

    Must be Palmer along with Trump!
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    I just received my "welcome to the Gold Privilege Club" email.!!
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    FF Account just hacked and almost 300,000 points taken

    I have a two factor identification on my QFF account but it is activated when accessing from a different computer etc. No idea why QFF does not turn it on always.
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    " o noes! " - Singapore enhances redemption rates

    The last 11 SQ flights that I took in 2 years were all booked on my boss' is a company card so do not know if that would a difference. Never been asked to produce the card and I have exited Aus from SYD/BNE/PER. Maybe if the ticket is booked too close to the initial departure date then...
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    " o noes! " - Singapore enhances redemption rates

    re: " o noes! " - Singapore enhances redemption rates Is there any way we can find out if they have reduced the number of redemptions tickets in this process where they are really trying to look after their loyal customers?
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    QF A330 v EK A380 - J Class

    QF options definitely has an edge.
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    BBQ at Changi......

    SQ flt to Milan catches fire after Emergency landing Just saw this on BBC... Singapore Airlines plane catches fire after emergency landing - BBC News
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    Singapore Airlines Meals not worth a dam

    The two round trips i did in SQ (Y) this year and I found SQ food quality not as good as it used to be on all the 4 australian sector. It is pretty clear that they are cutting costs. However, i found the quality very good on the SIN-NRT-LAX sector on Y.
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    Booking tickets on Thai / Turkish airlines on fare classes that accrues miles

    I have tried booking economy class seats on both these airlines and I am always given a fare that does not accrue miles on partner airlines. The unrestrictive class type seems to offer me ridiculously higher prices than the restrictive class for Economy. Will be great to know the best way to...
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    Credit miles to one accont but using the gold benefits of another airline in * A

    Can I credit star alliance miles to my KF account but use my Aegean Gold benefits when I am flying SQ / Thai / SAS / Lufthansa / Air India. Thanks