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    Qantas to Launch SYD-AKL-JFK (June 2023)

    I'm on QF3/4 in a month's time - does anyone know at JFK if you can use the same AA/BA Premium check-in area (and premium security entrance) if you're in J or OWE (maybe OWS too?) Or does QF have its own counters?
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    Life Time Gold - The [Realistic] Holy Grail

    No - I know a few people with lifetime QP that didn't get anything back - including one or two who joined when it was still called Qantas Flight Deck!
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    Life Time Gold - The [Realistic] Holy Grail

    I got a pro-rata refund for my QC membership when I hit LTG - it did take 2-3 calls (and 3-4 weeks) to get the money, as they wanted to refund it to the card I had originally used which I'd cancelled. I had to submit a stat dec (!) saying I no longer had the credit card but the money eventually...
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    Slow posting of Status Credits from Partners

    I've been waiting for 3 AS flights that I took in March that haven't come through yet. My AA flights (same trip) credited within 24 hours.
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    Qantas status rollover - error reversal

    I was a Feb membership year (which is why it was weird it was a month late). On 8 April they rolled over my ~500 credits, but they still haven't fixed up my Points Club earn for the year which is now missing about 20,000 points...
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    Qantas status rollover - error reversal

    This is exactly what happened to me - but I'm WP! Still no rollover. They also stuffed up my points club calculation by wiping all the points I earned in March when they wiped my SC.
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    The definitive thread on Qantas IT gripes

    Long time lurker... Has anyone had a delay in their status year resetting (by a month?) My status year ended February, and my status credits didn't reset on 1 March. Come 1 April, they're finally reset my SC balance, but not rolled over any of the SC's I earned last year (I was sitting on about...
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    The definitive thread on Qantas IT gripes

    Not sure to be honest - last year I earned 2,180 Status Credits, and they deducted 2,240. I have also noticed with the 500SC bonus points it miscalculates that too, saying I need 560 (but it does award it at 500).
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    The definitive thread on Qantas IT gripes

    Hi All, Has anyone else had this problem before? I have had it for 2 years in a row, where I start each status year with a handicap of -60 status credits.... I've emailed/called Qantas before, and it hasn't yet been fixed...
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    The Qantas Club guest pass

    They do come in handy from time to time... I was at PEK Airport, and we had too many guests. I proffered one of these passes (it was then a contract lounge - not sure if it still is), and after a few looks and muttering to colleagues, they let us in!
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    Who changed my pre-allocated seat and why?

    I've had my seat changed on QF many times - but usually to a better seat when the loads were light. On DJ last week SYD - CBR my seat changed when I got my boarding pass. Interestingly, it remained the only empty seat on the plane when we boarded. What's more interesting is that the person in...
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    MALEV points and SCs posting to QFF account?

    Are they all appearing in your QF account? Mine did, and didn't have any problems...I had to wait longer with AA then MA for points to post...
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    MALEV points and SCs posting to QFF account?

    Hi shearsense, I flew Malev twice in February, and both times my flights credited within a fortnight... If they haven't credited in a few weeks, I'd claim it manually...
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    Amsterdam OW Lounges ?

    Hi there! I hope this isn't too late before your trip. I've just returned from a 6 month stint in NL, so have dealt with the Schengen and non-Schengen lounges. There are no showers (or toilets, for that matter) inside the BA lounge, but if you head out the door of the lounge and turn right...
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    Waitlisting for higher class award seat?

    NM, a long time (2004) ago I was waitlisted for an award flight upgrade. I was flying over to LHR with a family member (WP) and I'd booked my flight (using their points) in Y, but to my surprise when they booked a (paid) flight in J, they were able to upgrade me with their points. On the way...