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  1. Orca

    Double Status Credits promotion (Book by 27/2/24, travel 28/2/24-14/2/25)

    Tried searching the thread to no avail… A colleague just asked if you can book via online travel agents (Expedia, Webjet etc) and still receive the DSCs. I know the eligibility says booked via “travel agent” is ok - am I correct that covers online booking sites too? Or is strictly the Qantas...
  2. Orca

    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Blame having kids.. but been out of the game a little while. Looking to use this DSC to get back to WP (currently, SG). Does the gift voucher trick still work? That is, buy vouchers during the DSC promotion period to generate a booking reference and then use said voucher to book later and still...
  3. Orca

    Qantas comping WP...?

    Bugger. I was afraid of that !
  4. Orca

    Qantas comping WP...?

    Hi All, Been a long time between posts. Curiosity question, I only earned 135 SC’s this year. Anniversary date was yesterday and I was expecting to be dropped back to Gold. Logged in and see I’ve retained platinum. I know there used to be a 3 year average unwritten rule but given my travel was...
  5. Orca

    Propeller falls off Rex plane

    That's considered a pretty normal rate of descent (approx. 1200ft per min) so nothing unusual there.
  6. Orca

    Ask The Pilot

    Transition altitude varies around the world. Relatively low here in Aus due to lack of mountains/high terrain. You're correct re:18,000 ft being used across USA and Canada. Indeed in some places it can be as low as 3 or 4 thousand feet
  7. Orca

    Strange pricing

    Welcome to the world of airline fare pricing! A place where common sense is merely a passing philosophy
  8. Orca

    QF announce non-stop Perth-London B787 Services

    Further to this, is it reasonable to expect that J class fares for the inaugural flight would be inflated? I presume a few seats up front would already be set aside for airlines execs + media(?) etc thus reducing the number available to Joe Public. I have a trip to the UK planned around that...
  9. Orca

    Use your points to make a direct difference -

    Hi big_Red. No probs at all, the pleasure is mine. I've just lodged an order via qantas store and 2 bags are on their way to Dave. Estimated delivery date of 13/02. Cheers
  10. Orca

    Use your points to make a direct difference -

    What a great initiative. I'll donate first thing tomorrow. Great
  11. Orca

    Ask The Pilot

    Re: Perth alternates Certainly not 'easier' - the system can handle a handoff with relative ease at any point along the FIR boundaries. As pointed out by N860CR, this is is simply the standard route for OOL-CBR. The main reason being is it suits the general traffic flow
  12. Orca

    PER-Antarctica-PER: over the ice in Ice.

    Awesome. Always been interested in doing one of these flights.
  13. Orca

    Ask The Pilot

    A runway change can be planned well in advance, particularly with regards to noise sharing or in advance of a forecast wind change. The pending configuration change will be broadcast on the aerodrome ATIS about an hour in advance. If the change is due to wind direction change, this can usually...
  14. Orca

    Alternative Bris - Melb earn double points, extra status and cheaper fare

    Hi Garry, Good tip. A phrase you'll often see/hear on these forums is "why fly direct when you can connect" - you are spot on, it's a very easy way to boost your SC and pts earn. Welcome to AFF
  15. Orca

    Dash Cams, the pros and cons

    Considering one as we just bought 2 new cars - fairly pricey models too. Could be particularly helpful in case of an incident.
  16. Orca

    Changes to QF Loyalty Bonus (now includes status credits)

    Comes just in time for Mrs. Orca - she will use it to obtain Gold for the 1st time, to which she'll then apply status hold due pending arrival of Baby Orca. For myself though I think I'll keep taking the points given I'll retain WP comfortably.
  17. Orca

    What Does Everyone Do Here ??

    Air traffic controller
  18. Orca

    So... what car do you guys drive when not flying?

    Picked up our new Lexus NX 200t F Sport yesterday. First time with Lexus, very impressed thus far!
  19. Orca

    Ask The Pilot

    Correct, but it was way easier to answer again rather than try and find it ha!