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    Jury Duty

    For those who want a light hearted look at jury duty i highly recommend watching Jury Duty on Amazon Prime. Basic premise is it is a hoax reality show, where everyone in the show is an actor except for one guy who doesn't know everyone else is an actor.
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    New amaysim roaming plans April 2023

    I have used it over the last 12 months and found it very reliable. As it is important I can be contacted on my own number I prefer to use this in conjunction with free wifi etc when away. Had excellent service and coverage in Europe, Scandinavia, South Korea, Singapore, Dubai, UK, Iceland and...
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    Pets in the Cabin - Coming soon on Virgin Australia

    So Virgin say that they have polled passengers and the vast majority want this. I would have thought that they would target their own frequent fliers for a start but judging by the comments, noone here has been surveyed. If they asked me, which they didn't, it would be enough to turn me...
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    Roomba, Dysons, Thermomix and other household appliances

    I bought a dyson gen5 yesterday and now I'm (almost) loving vacuuming again. I was going to get the v15 but went to Good Guys and they pricebeat HN /9 I got the gen 5 for $970 (less the 6% off buying a gift card online to pay for it). It is amazing. I thought my V6 and dyson barrel were doing...
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    300 points in 14 days

    Oh Yulezy, I got a direct message with a referral Code and just assumed it was you, so jumped on and used it. I’ve now realised it wasn’t you. I’m so sorry - I kind of just assumed the context of the thread was obvious the offer was directed at you 🤷‍♀️ I can send you the code in my app...
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    300 points in 14 days

    Do you have a referral code for the wellbeing app? Assuming if you have one and I use it you’ll get some points there too.
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    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    Snap Boomy - I’m here too 🤪🤪🤪
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    Do you prefer silent airport lounges & terminals with no announcements?

    With most (all) airlines and airports now using apps, I would prefer phone based notifications. It is easy to connect to the free airport wifi, even if not in a lounge or travelling in a premium class. The problem I find with many announcements is that they are often muffled, hard to decipher...
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    Flybuys Targeted Bonus Promotions

    Is everyone still getting offers from flybuys? I got the last 4 week offer, but have since only got liquorland offers. Crazy thing is my Coles spend has dropped off a lot since they renovated our local store so if anything, I thought I’d be getting incentives to spend more with them.
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    Article: Qantas Considers Bringing Call Centres Back to Australia

    I detest the overly wordy conversations with o/s call centres across the board. The calls would take half the time if they would stop saying the same thing over and over again. I can't stand the regular mispronunciation of my name (which native English speaker never get wrong). There are...
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    100 SC for ABN - did anyone see?

    I activated this for MrJones who flew MEL-BNE in J, stacked with the double status credit offer last night. 260 SCs in 2 hours is a pretty good return. Bonus was the new green curry which he said was excellent.
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    What's a forgotten item a security has found in your bag?

    Brain fart for me some years back. We had travelled to Bali for a holiday and were stopping to visit friends in Singapore on the way home. They love Ice Magic and I had taken a bottle with us for them. Last minute repacking and I put it in the hand luggage. DPS airline security confiscated...
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    One point rewards promo??

    I was in the queue and had an item in my cart but for some reason it would not accept my address. No idea why. Tried entering it again from scratch and now I've been kicked out of the queue and back to square one! Time for dinner
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    CEO retiring, what changes at Qantas would you like to see

    Give the staff at even the lowest levels the authority to make basic decisions which enhance the customer experience. There needs to be a complete cultural reset where the emphasis changes from assigning blame and passing the buck to fixing the problem and taking responsibility. The staff...
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    One point rewards promo??

    Yep, I think Tuesday was just done because they advertised it would start up again in August and they were running out of days!!
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    Veocity IHG Platinum partner membership

    About 6-7 weeks ago, I did the online application from my Velocity to obtain IHG platinum. After waiting the advised 20 business days, I contacted Velocity to chase it up and then waited the further 5 business days they suggested before calling again yesterday. Velocity can see it has been...
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    One point rewards promo??

    Well done. I’m in the queue and message the Young Jones’s to do so too. Hopefully one of us is as lucky as you.
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    Budget Electric Vehicles (BYD, MG, ...)

    Was there a surcharge?!
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    Hurricane Hilary - LAX - Qantas Travel Waiver?

    Can you pay the change fee and claim it on travel insurance? Does their policy cover them for the weather event?
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    Bonuses for transferring Flybuys points to Velocity

    agree re the terms of that offer. I linked my accounts again (has been a couple of covid years since I last had them linked) and thought the offer made it worthwhile. Yet again, Flybuys are posting points or status across to velocity in a timely manner. To the point where it is never worth...