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  1. rurounimaikeru

    ANA reward availability

    I've flown SQ J to Japan and got the A380 which was great. But would prefer direct from Syd if possible. Even with domestic connection still quicker than via SIN. But SQ defn an option.
  2. rurounimaikeru

    ANA reward availability

    Thanks. I guess other option would be to book a velocity rewards with another airline that's available eg SQ or VA and then switch to ANA and pay the seat points difference plus 7500 points change fee.
  3. rurounimaikeru

    ANA reward availability

    What's the timing of award release for ANA to Haneda via Velocity? Looking to book J x 2 for MEL - HND. Can see availability within 2 weeks but not that many longer? Are seats only released last minute or are they available some time out too? TIA
  4. rurounimaikeru

    Terminal 3 Silverkris Business Lounge (not *G lounge)

    I'm travelling MEL-SIN-MXP on the late evening flight out of SIN on J. Only 2 hr transit. Which lounge should family of 4 head for? (Travelling early next year though).
  5. rurounimaikeru

    Velocity status on Singapore Airlines

    If travelling on SQ J booked via Krisflyer Awards, are there any benefits in providing VelFF number? i.e. do you earn Vel Status Credits? I can't figure it out if this only applies to cash fares?
  6. rurounimaikeru

    SQ/star alliance to Japan

    Has anyone had experiences booking aus to Japan for Jan or Feb with star alliance partners? Was hoping to book ANA to get a direct flight but understand availability is released late? Are there any patterns to this? Am I better booking via KF v velocity? Many thanks
  7. rurounimaikeru

    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    Any experience with Y or J availability into Japan in Jan? Looking at ski trip Jan 2026 (book Jan 2025). Wondering if stick with SQ/VF and how many points should aim for. Cheers
  8. rurounimaikeru

    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    Any tips/advice for family of 4 looking to book J-class MEL-CDG? I'm looking to book Apr 2024 for flights in Apr 2025. Have sufficient points etc, so interested in thoughts on: 1. Choice of aircraft (B777 v A350). 2. Likelihood of A380 returning on any of these legs/flights? 3. Seating...
  9. rurounimaikeru

    Melbourne to Europe in Business

    Thanks all. That aligns with my checks. Will try SQ!
  10. rurounimaikeru

    Melbourne to Europe in Business

    Hi all, Am planning a trip to Europe for family of 4 and want to fly J return in 2024/25 I realise its tough to find 4 seats in J on same flights. So, i'm considering either reward via KF with SQ (seems to be good availability), but may not have enough KF points. Or would 4 x J on VA...
  11. rurounimaikeru

    Krisflyer Booking - 'System limitation' error

    Thanks both. That's exactly what's happening. I'll try jacks suggestion and call up when I'm closer to being ready to book.
  12. rurounimaikeru

    Krisflyer Booking - 'System limitation' error

    I'm trying to redeem flights on KF to Europe for 4 x pax in Business. I occasionally get an error that says 'Due to a system limitation, the flights for the origin and destination you have selected cannot be displayed.' Does anyone know why? Is it the date/origin selection? Or is it because...
  13. rurounimaikeru

    Melbourne to Europe via Korea

    Hi all Wondering about best options for Melbourne to western Europe with stop over in Seoul using either krisflyer or Velocity? (I have 400k and 750k in each) 4 x pax flying business or economy in March 2023. Which alliances or airlines are best to look into? Would prefer to avoid multiple...
  14. rurounimaikeru

    Card Promotions 100,000 bonus Velocity points + up to 100 status credits with Virgin Money Flyer cards (ends 31/1/22)

    Does anyone know if there is a 12 month block out on this? I can't see it on the T&Cs so appears to be for any new customers irrespective if they've held Citi or Virgin products? Appears to be good deal.
  15. rurounimaikeru

    Card Promotions Citi Rewards sign-up deal: 150,000 bonus Velocity points over 2 years

    I think others have posted here that no 12 mth exclusion. One of the few cards out there.
  16. rurounimaikeru

    120,000 Velocity Points - AMEX Velocity Platinum

    Adding my link in the ring. Help me get my kids J class to Europe! ;) Note - I will receive 40,000 points from this referral. Other conditions same as above. Many thanks in advance! 1638668017 Hey Sludge, I noticed you receive 50,000 points...
  17. rurounimaikeru

    Krisflyer Rewards Children?

    It's not quite clear from KF website if children award redemptions are same as adult? For SQ partners it is clear, but assume for children under 12 (10 y/o), they are treated as adults for points redemptions?
  18. rurounimaikeru

    4 x j tickets on SQ with points plus pay?

    Hey Dajop. Great idea. Will check that out. Turkey has always been on my list!
  19. rurounimaikeru


    Oh I get it now! Haha. 😅😎
  20. rurounimaikeru

    1mil points - likelihood of getting 4x business rewards seats?

    I'm similar with SQ /VFF. Am looking 12 mths ahead on different routes. Routes with short stop overs are popular so if you're willing to hang at airport or stay over night then you might have more luck.