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    A Longer Trip to Hokkaido

    That little snipped about fuel is handy. One thing I don't think they mentioned is often the self service servos have a separate little machine to accept the payment. Put the fuel in, print a barcode thing, take it to next machine, pay. Definitely confused me the first time I came across it
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    A Longer Trip to Hokkaido

    Looking forward to it. I used to stay in Shinagawa, not a lot around as it's more a business area but well serviced to get to other parts of the city and to/from airport of course.
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    Qantas Business Class meals & menus

    The Japanese set menu is the way to go for this flight
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    Japan trip - JR pass or not?

    Definitely get a suica/pasmo/whatever kind of card is available. Thinking about the JR Pass based purely on money maybe it's not the perfect choice but you have to also take into consideration additional stress/getting lost/losing time etc for arranging tickets each time. That has some value...
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    A short trip to Japan - Hokkaido

    Thanks for the trip! So the thing with the speed limits is in Japan is I believe by law speed cameras on the motorways can not take photos of your car if you are going up to 40 ks over. So for example if the speed limit says 60 you could go 99 and speed cameras would not pick it up, however if...
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    Buying a cheap ski home in Japan

    This is literally true for places like Fukuoka.. I'm definitely looking into it so have an interest in this thread (although different area etc)
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    A short trip to Japan - Hokkaido

    Sake usually isn't firey (unless you get onecup lol) nah it's typically pretty smooth. That food looks epic
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    Return to the Japan Alps May 2024

    Oh that tour is cool, I'll add it to my to-do list (which seems never ending)
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    Hiroshima to Osaka/Kansai KIX

    Don't see an issue. Probably they are not used to people changing the strict plan. English signs everywhere especially for airport and tourist related things, you'll be fine I'm sure!
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    Return to the Japan Alps May 2024

    Amazing scenery, the water is so clear
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    A short trip to Japan - Hokkaido

    Can't speak for the tofu bar but don't sleep on those Chicken "bars". They're pretty good actually haha
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    A short trip to Japan - Hokkaido

    Good thing to do is look at the maps they usually have in the stations, and often it can help. Not saying always it helps because I've definitely gone out the wrong exits after looking at it but it's handy knowledge as most of the stations around the country have similar maps
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    Return to the Japan Alps May 2024

    Ohh Matsumoto area is on my list, looks awesome
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    American Express® Qantas Business Rewards Card

    Yep I've had this card for ages, paid it's worth in flights many times over
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    Flybuys Targeted Bonus Promotions

    Finally got the 10k for 4 weeks at 50$ again
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    How well do you sleep on planes?

    Pretty much nonexistant, even lying down
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    Worst case ATM exchange rate is all good, even better if you have a card with no international fees
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    The most surprisingly good restaurant you've discovered while travelling

    I'd never be able to find it again but I swear I had one of the best curries in the basement of Nagoya station in a little stand up joint
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    Bonus points on Qantas flights for Points Club members

    Nothing here, but I did notice I was not subscribed so have changed that. Default for anything is do unsub from all correspondence