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    VA flights now (randomly) posting to Velocity quicker [Dec 2019]

    Agree on the random. My DPS-SYD posts in 24 hours. My wife’s (pooled) takes 5 days, only just enough time for me to dump her from the pool and get adult daughter in for a SYD-HKG. Anyway looking good now.
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    I flew SYD-HKG yesterday and thought the Barramundi with lemongrass was absolutely excellent. Had to laugh about 30 mins from landing, the CSM came by and said "oh, I haven't said hello to you yet, how are you?". I'm thinking "who cares whether you say hello or not? Clearly not you". This CSM...
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    Velocity Hotels (Expedia)

    And that's the ridiculous bit - flicking you from one to another. I actually had a 7 day book not pass onto a property. I turned up, no booking despite having the confirmation and being able to re-confirm online at Expedia while I was standing in front of Reception! Calls to either Virgin or...
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    Not good enough

    VA stopped doing this years ago. Oddly seemed to co-incide with dark uniform for CSM, which makes me wonder when the CSM's wore red, did they do the welcome so we knew who they were. Back in the day AirNZ and Etihad were pretty good about the welcome for VA Plats and even offering an extra drink...
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    Velocity Hotels (Expedia)

    Thank you for your honesty, but... If you take the time to read through how people on this site get problems resolved, you'll soon learn that generally every single possible option is engaged. Chat line, email, twitter, phone etc etc etc. And again, and again. I spent 9 months chasing 800...
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    Virgin Lounge at Brisbane International

    staff looked pretty busy. The staff were friendly at least, and doing some good coffees. Is there seriously another AU lounge with a roped-off area though? Common in Arabia, but I can’t say I’ve seen it here before...
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    Virgin Lounge at Brisbane International

    Well, I was a little underwhelmed by the BNE MyLounge. It was crowded, I had to stand up. Interestingly I stood right outside a ‘VIP’ area that was reserved for some special people. The special ppl got a special rope (we all know how much VA loves those). Standing there was really annoying, as...
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    Virgin Lounge at Brisbane International

    Don't tell ScoMo or any of the other right-wing crackers. This would seriously trigger Pauline too. I'm actually going to be there tomorrow, so looking foward to checking it out too.
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    VA Gold recognition on HX?

    I'd jump on the HX chat line for this, get confirmation and print the results. I've flown HX as a Plat a couple of times but didn't need to trouble the larger allowance. Mind you, I'll be flying them mid-January and may in fact need to given I'll be lugging a pair of skis with me, however it's a...
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    "You are in top 5% of Velocity Flyers." - and that is it??

    Top 10% this year, flew 37K miles but earned 418K points. Top 1% last year.
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    VA Missed Flight policy?

    As a Plat, I've simply rocked up late (unavoidable delays) and been accommodated on a later flight with no issue. You wouldn't want to make a habit of it though.
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    Tokyo Haneda slot - how will Virgin Operate it?

    That Y price is amazing, but not so much the J. I wonder what the upgrade from Flexi will be for this one, 27.5K or perhaps a bit greater than that.
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    Qantas dumping seats to USA Jan school holidays

    Miss Snow It All. A blog for skiers and boarders who travel If you are not pumping out the message there Oz, get on it now !
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    Qantas dumping seats to USA Jan school holidays

    Welcome back Ozffyer, it's been a while. Anyway, I finally caved and booked VA SYD-LAX-DEN return for Feb. $1,100 and yep, currently in Y but some options to get to PE might be there, or I may just try to deal with it. Anyway, Keystone and Telluride for me.
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    Virgin international lounge at Melbourne is it the house and is there a charge??

    Could Dragonpass (get free membership via MyRegus) get an additional guest in for GBP19? The House seems to be on the list for this. I haven't used it, but I might try to get an additional guess into HKG Club Altus if HX are still flying, that is.
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    Should VA be worried by the potential collapse of Hong Kong Airlines?

    I'm booked SYD-HKG-NRT on January 10, so worrying for sure.
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    Hino Advantage Rewards - 8,000 Velocity Points Upon Joining

    Joined. I just love those Hino trucks! Admittedly my 'workshop' business is a little slow of late, but I'm hoping it will pick up 🤔 😜. ABN holders only, I note.
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    Why do Nine News and Yahoo even feature this?

    The guy was indicating it might have been about his beard. Maybe JQ have banned hipsters?
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    Tokyo Haneda slot - how will Virgin Operate it?

    Hmmm and Friday 10/01/20 suddenly J reward redemptions have opened up SYD-MEL-HKG for 98K. I'm already ticketed SYD-HKG but am looking for a reasonable one for the return, which I why I noticed.
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    Holiday Inn Express Brisbane Review

    Have you ever come across the electronic 'gray-out' glass? Novotel in London had them, push button from clear to opaque. Now if you are sharing a room fitted with these, you are going to be really nervous!