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  1. TonyHancock

    The one minor item you miss if you forget to bring

    Inflatable coat hanger* *Yes the HI at Dunstall Park is the sort of classy establishment that assumes people like me will steal the cheap wooden hangers and puts them on a "ring". (Not good when you need to hang up shirts in the bathroom to get the wrinkles out!)
  2. TonyHancock

    Platinum One experiences?

    AA is known to offer Concierge Key style treatment to BA GGL's. It is not consistent though.
  3. TonyHancock

    Here is British Airways’ all-new Club World business class.

    It has been a while since I have been in BA Club World (for the right reason) on the 380 but in order my preferences are 53A, 53K, 59A and 59K. I think we all know that Club World on the 380 is not the best but the BA seat makes an exceptional sleeper.
  4. TonyHancock

    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    QF419 - SYD-MEL 10th Jan 2020 - No attempt was made to board the priority line first. QF442 - MEL-SYD 13th Jan 2020 - Priority line boarded first.
  5. TonyHancock

    The view from my "office"

    My poor run with car park views continues, although the Hilton in Sydney is thoroughly consistent with its failure to provide room upgrades.
  6. TonyHancock

    The view from my "office"

    A very smoky view from the QF Domestic J Lounge today. 😔
  7. TonyHancock

    The view from my "office"

    Yes it is a bit pointless. The ladies who serve in there are brilliant though. I came close to heading to the new QF lounge but just couldn't be bothered.
  8. TonyHancock

    The view from my "office"

    Today's view is from the windowless CCR Bar in SIN. No cars I am afraid.
  9. TonyHancock

    2019 - The year in flight

    An interesting year for me, way down on the mileage but up on the number of flights, and 13 new airports. Flights: 114 Miles: 224,203 New Airlines: QR New Airports: BLL, AUS, IAH, SEA, PDX, PRG, CLT, RSW, ZUH, FCO, RIC, LGA, DOH Shortest Flight: SEA-PDX Longest Flight: SYD-DOH New Aircraft...
  10. TonyHancock

    The view from my "office"

    Whilst my passion is hotel car parks, and occasionally supermarket car parks, I do enjoy an unusual view, and this view, of the engine of a Dornier 328-300 is not something you see everyday. In this particular case it was from my temporary office of 2A, on said aircraft, prior to take off from...
  11. TonyHancock

    The view from my "office"

    I feel a bit of a cheat because this shot was taken from a temporary office. It was such an impressive car park I couldn’t resist. I suspect many of you will recognise the Grantham ASDA car park!
  12. TonyHancock

    The view from my "office"

    Less car parky that I would have liked but this is the view from my office at The Radisson Blu in Silkeborg, Denmark.
  13. TonyHancock

    The view from my "office"

    After thinking my office wouldn’t be changing much until January I find myself at MAN and about to board some sort of tiny aeroplane. 😳
  14. TonyHancock

    The view from my "office"

    You mean the bloke and the horse*? :p *Yes it really is a horse...just not clear from the photo.
  15. TonyHancock

    The view from my "office"

    There are only so many times one can post pictures from the same office....but that won’t stop me. Back again at the HI at Dunstall Park and in a move from my favoured car park shots I give you one of the horse park. 😛
  16. TonyHancock

    Which whizz-bangery are you using to make your flying better?

    I also have one of these. it is annoying that there is no AUS part for it but it is a very useful travel charger. (I also have the dual USB A version and am awaiting the twin USB C version next year.)
  17. TonyHancock

    GGL Experiences

    This has been extended to the BA phone staff so the GGL team can do this now. No need for a travel agent any more. JessicaTam is also a GGL so we are a growing band on AFF. Over the last 12 months I have used 8 upgrade for one vouchers and an upgrade for 2 voucher. I have four upgrade for one...
  18. TonyHancock

    Which whizz-bangery are you using to make your flying better?

    Looks like they have sold out but this is what I have.
  19. TonyHancock

    Tips for moving from QFF to BAEC (QF WP + LTG)...

    I can't give you an exact answer but I waited until flights had credited after my own cock up.
  20. TonyHancock

    Which whizz-bangery are you using to make your flying better?

    I also have that one. o_O I have a retractable power cable with a UK plug that folds over flat. (As well as US and AU when necessary. ) I currently have three "bases" so have stuff everywhere and keep forgetting charger and power banks!!)