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    Economy X pricing

    "Preferred seating" doesn't really work - what are you really getting? Most VA flights board front and rear. You're not out any sooner, and since the main cabin toilets are in the rear, it's not like you're paying for that convenience either, really.
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    VA Cancellations, Delays growing?

    Maybe a consequence of the milk run flights - do the stats measure each take off & landing or just the first and last of a particular flight number, I wonder.
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    SQ321 LHR-SIN Encountered Severe Turbulence [At least 1 Fatality and 30 Injured]

    Ha. Curious thing to continue believing, if one is regularly at 40,000ft in a window seat.
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    SQ321 LHR-SIN Encountered Severe Turbulence [At least 1 Fatality and 30 Injured]

    No point speculating. Seatbelts help but they won't save you from a 7kg backpack to the head if someone else has stood up and is getting their bag out at the wrong time. Sending best to the passengers, I'm sure it has been a very traumatic experience, most of all for the relatives of the deceased.
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    QF28 to QF5 customs clearance

    You drop bags at the SYD transfer desks outside intl arrivals, then get the QF bus to domestic. No need to schlep bags all the way to domestic yourself.
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    Careful around DB (Deutsche Bahn)

    Not ideal but at least you kept moving. A lot of places you'd get kicked off and good luck finding the replacement bus, if there is one, in a foreign country...
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    What is cost to use sleeping pods in F lounge in AUH?

    No longer connected. Hourly shuttle bus. Remember new AUH airport opened in December. But still a good option. I think the dark room is just first come best dressed. The price of the rooms is on the same page you found the other info. Scroll down. Says 580AED for up to 8 hours - per person I...
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    SkyBus gone up again [Now $23.90 one way]

    Above or below ground is really dependent on the situation. Underground is by far the better option in Melbourne, it would allow for easier expansion of the airport facilities (and the train line further north, come to think of it)
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    Crediting points and status from Etihad

    full year. once you reach the requirements.
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    VA - ANA Codeshare Seat Selection

    Try calling again and see if you get a different result? Frustrating I agree
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    Bonza Airline Discussion

    One might suspect the directors have bigger and more consequential agencies to worry about than the ACCC.
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    Bonza Airline Discussion

    The problem isn't even running a MAX as such, it's running it year round.
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    Bonza Airline Discussion

    I do agree broadly however I do have to point out that MCY is council owned so if they are left short by Bonza that will have an impact on everyone in the community.
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    The Velocity Status Run Master thread

    Velocity works on a rolling clock so in your case the day(ish) you hit 8 sectors you'd have 12 months to earn a further 800SC and 8 sectors to renew platinum
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    **Insert Month here** Coles status credits Late?

    Dad's appeared overnight. No sign of mine just yet.
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    **Insert Month here** Coles status credits Late?

    Given there are a mix of users here with different results so far, I wouldn't panic. Just checked with Dad, he hasn't received any either for March.
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    **Insert Month here** Coles status credits Late?

    Thanks for the quick replies. I guess there is still hope they may appear, then.