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    Business Class award booking downgraded to economy at gate [QFF award on China Eastern]

    Booked an award last minute last week to flee the Typhoon on China Eastern to fly to Hong Kong via Shanghai - no issues all went fine.
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    Amex pts transfer now or after Ap 1?

    I thought it was 15 April?
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    QF Double Status Credits - Book by Feb [Now] 25, Travel Feb 25-Aug 31, 2019

    Can you book using AMEX travel credit and still get the double status credits? Do they count as a travel agent?
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    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    What’s the advantage to keeping the Explorer though?
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    Reduced AMEX earn rates from April 2019

    I still have a legacy reserve card with no platinum...
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    Double Status Credits (book by 5/2/18, fly 12/2/18 to 20/1/19)

    After sending an email at the 6 week mark and getting no response for a week, called up and updated while on the phone...
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    Double Status Credits (book by 5/2/18, fly 12/2/18 to 20/1/19)

    Out to 4 weeks post flight for me so far with no DSC...
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    Website broken again

    Had a reward booking crash on me during the booking and now the inventory is no longer there - how long until it appears again? (assuming no-one else has booked it).
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    Website broken again

    I haven't been able to do any searches and my login is not working well either.
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    QF Club question [Access to Admiral's Clubs]

    That’s different to this page which is more relevant I think: Partner lounges When travelling with American Airlines, as a Qantas Club member you and a guest are welcome at American Airlines Admirals Club lounges. Simply present your Qantas Club card together with your boarding pass at the...
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    QF Club question [Access to Admiral's Clubs]

    Which published rules? The Qantas site has always said Admirals club access if flying on AA...
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    QF Club question [Access to Admiral's Clubs]

    Doesn’t matter what class they’re in - Qantas Club plus 1 guest get into Admirals clubs when flying on AA.
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    What’s the point of being in a loyalty program with qantas?

    I recommend “it’s not exactly brain surgery” on YouTube...
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    Struggling to get Finnair status credits posted

    Have had the opposite experience - all posted within a week for me automatically.
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    No glasses in passport photo from 7/18

    I haven’t been allowed glasses for either my last 2 Australian or my last 2 New Zealand passports so not really a big change putting it into the specific rules. Agree with just waiting till the bright lights go off when using the smart gates.
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    NAB Qantas Signature 115k QF points for $395 AF - Pointhacks exclusive

    When I try to apply for this card the ID check keeps telling me that the system is unavailable....
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    EK to end A380 services to BNE

    Now the worst business seat out of Brisbane to Europe...
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    Oneworld separate ticket interline changes

    No, my check in agent had to ask her coworker and only after I “suggested” that it was within the rules.
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    Oneworld separate ticket interline changes

    We had the kids and significant other on a points ticket QF to LAX, myself revenue ticket to LAX, and then all of us on another revenue ticket to Vancouver (AA) - QF allowed check in, boarding passes and bags checked all the way.
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    Caught out by YVR lounge layout.

    Is there even such a flight?