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    Jetstar Delays/Cancellations

    JQ473 (VH-VQG) on 15th December was diverted to CBR. Anyone know why?
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    Why is there no SYD to SIN overnighter?

    Flights ex-CBR will depart late evening and arrive just before 6am into Singapore.
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    App that holds all upcoming flight details

    I use TripIt, Tripcase and Worldmate. They all seem to have different strengths. Tripit works best on imported itineraries. But Tripcase can use a Sabre PNR, so will automatically update/alert if your reservation changes (on VA) without needing to resend the itinerary. Both Tripcase and Tripit...
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    AFR rumour [confirmed] - SQ to launch SIN-CBR-WLG

    "$650 [to Singapore] would only get you to Sydney on the Kangaroo. $450 [to WLG] would only get you just past Goulburn". Comment from Canberra Airport Director Terry Snow during the Q&A (to rather anxious laughter, I must say!)
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    AFR rumour [confirmed] - SQ to launch SIN-CBR-WLG

    Well, it's just been officially announced by the CEO, Singapore Airlines. I'm sure I just heard him add that services would commence 20 September using 777 aircraft. It was difficult to hear, so will try to confirm. Also present, John Borghetti, AirNZ CEO Christopher Luxon, Deputy PM Warren...
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    AFR rumour [confirmed] - SQ to launch SIN-CBR-WLG

    Getting ready for the announcement at 11am. They were setting this up when I came in on VA1226 last night.
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    Whats the best thing you got with Velocity points??

    F Suites are my best use of VA points, followed closely by 4 x J seats for the family MEL-LHR return next year, also on SQ. But if I include QFF, then it has to be JFK-LHR return on the Concorde back in 2003 :D
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    Velocity Mobile App

    I use AwardWallet to track my FF accounts including Velocity. They have a nice iPhone app also.
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    Announcing our New Velocity Frequent Flyer Program

    I wonder if the Guaranteed Reward Seats for the once a year trip applies to J seats? The wording seems to indicate this - "Redeem your Points for the seat you want when you want", but I'm struggling to believe it, coming from the QF world where finding 4 x J seats for the family to the US...
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    Qantas Business Travel Show

    Qantas run a lunch every year in Canberra - I have been going for the past 4-5 years. Lots of suppliers exhibit to try and capture some of the government travel dollar. Usually some good prizes too. Unfortunately I can't make it this year. -Rune.
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    Citibank Platinum Visa vs Mastercard

    Just stumbled across the following page, which looks fairly new: So now we can do a direct comparison between the two programs. For me, the jury is still out... Jamie.
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    Citibank Platinum Visa vs Mastercard

    Even though this question relates to credit cards, I think it still belongs in this forum (it's a question, after all!). Like others on this forum, I currently have a Citibank Visa Platinum card. However, the recent 2004 benefits update seems to have gone backward in my opinion. For example...
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    International Travel Insurance

    With the Citibank Gold card, I think you're out of luck. I don't have a copy of the insurance terms and conditions on me, but I recall Platinum card holders are covered provided they recently transfered points (from their card) across to QF. Obviously the flights would need to be redeemed...
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    Citibank Platinum...a review

    Check out the Visa Platinum Website - lots of good info on the benefits of the Citibank Platinum card. I find the Hyatt and Hilton benefits very good - book an internet-only rate for a studio room at the Melbourne Hyatt (around $200) and you'll almost always get a club room. Similarly for...
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    Class Codes

    Have a look at . It's a bit terse, but generally AA fare codes can be correlated into QF codes, although some of them are rare. I believe T on QF is preferred (plat/CL) award seating. I mostly fly K class, which is discount economy but...
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    Is Qantas Club too popular?

    I agree the domestic QC's in MEL/BNE are very crowded during peak periods and not worth entering. I usually prefer to find a quiet place to have a coffee outside, as it is usually far quieter. With the closure of Ansett, it seems almost everyone is a QC member, or knows someone who can let them...
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    Had enough of trying to get flights

    I had a brief look this evening (20th) and can see availability on flights mel/ool or bne early October, with return flights still available via syd 8-10th October (bne only). Return flights did not show as much availability, but there was still some. I didn't check availability via cbr on...
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    Had enough of trying to get flights

    Best bet would probably be mel/bne as there is more capacity on this route than ool. Unfortunately, you have chosen a period that coincides with school holidays in many states, which is no doubt why availability is bad. You could try a multi-destination trip via syd/cbr - perhaps overnight or...
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    A little help please.

    It all depends on how much you think you'll spend each year, and what you want to use your points for. Generally the best use of card reward schemes is QFF miles, but there are a few other options if you don't want to fly. The more rewarding cards typically have higher fees, so you need to...
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    The ultimate Card - Citibank Platinum??

    I use the Citibank Platinum Visa and have found it very useful (even better now that Taxi's accept Visa). I can get the magical 2 points per $ for all flights via Harvery World Travel, as well as full comprehensive travel insurance (including on award flights!) - a combination I have sought...