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    Sydney Intercontinental State Suite

    I 've just reserved The State Suite for a significant Birthday in June next year. Used my online Ambassador Certificate ( so second night free - which will be a Saturday ). Does anybody have anything to say about the 'State Suite experience' they have previously had ? Anything one should do...
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    My first flight in FIRST by QANTAS was such a let-down, it certainly won't happen again!

    I'll post this here .... My first flight in FIRST by QANTAS was such a let-down, it certainly won't happen again. QF1 on A380 ..... You think they'd call pax in the F lounge .... no, they didn't. You'd think they'd call for F pax to board first .... no, they didn't. You'd think that after...
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    Answered Access to the First Class Lounge in Sydney

    Apology if my question is covered in another thread …. I want to know about gaining access to the F Lounge in Sydney PRIOR to the 3 - hour check in time … From other threads, it seemed, that some respondents were saying that you can get into the F lounge 'early' … Today I called QANTAS ( and...
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    Birthday 5k Promo

    Does your birthday fall within the next 85 days or so ? There's a promo on for 5,000 'birthday points'. Email the Asia / Pacific IHG Rewards Centre, and ask to be placed on the promo list. Good for any stay on a weekend during the '90 day' validity period. Shows up on 'My Offers' as...
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    Points & Cash.

    Has this feature changed recently ? I didn't think it worked this way ... I elected a 'Points & Cash' payment for a few nights at Crowne Plaza Narita Airport Japan. I had $AUD65. / night taken from my credit card, and I 'thought' I was paying 10,000 points / night as well ... I had 3 x...
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    PointBreaks Not Available ?

    Is it just me, or is the webpage down ? Comes up with 404 error ...
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    Adelaide IC

    Am checking in today at Adelaide IC for four paid nights, and a AMB BOGO weekend. I was reading a few posts on TripAdvisor, where one person made comment, that the hotel 'gave' them upgrades to "Club Rooms with Lounge access" BECAUSE they were staying more than five nights. Is this right ...
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    International Departure Prohibition Order

    Unfortunately, life has dealt me a blow, that I'm slowly coming to terms with. I've joined the ranks of the victims of Australia's most unethical Government sponsored authority .... The Child Support Agency ( CSA ). ( those who know about what the CSA does to people, will know exactly what I...
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    InterContinental Club Lounges that DON'T cut it !!

    Thought I'd start this thread, after ANOTHER experience in an InterContinental Club lounge .... I stayed at the Fiji InterCon at Natadola Bay ( about an hour out of Nadi - in a slow cab !! ). Stayed on an AMB Weendend voucher. It was almost $FJ1,100. for the one night ( with second night free...
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    Experiences of Being Charged a Cancellation Fee ?

    How common is it, for Holiday Inns ( or other IHG brands ), to continue to impose the 'one night cancellation fee' AFTER the booking was cancelled ( confirmed by Cancellation Number ) ?? I will admit to booking an 'Advanced Booking Rate' ( which on this occasion, was 10GBP cheaper than Best...
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    New Changes to IHG Rewards Club - 1st. July 2015

    Among other things, points will expire after 12 months !!!
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    Where to park for FREE near Melbourne Tullamarine

    I have a three week trip away coming up, and will have a hefty checked luggage on the way back to Tullamarine ( two pax ). So, I was looking at driving to Melbourne from Sydney ( and return ). Long Term parking in a paid facility will be about $150 - 200. Does anyone have experience / advice...
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    IC Istanbul great response

    Just thought I'd mention my recent experience with Customer Relations at Istanbul IC .... I've been planning my grand trip ( for me any anyway ... ) to Gallipoli in April / May ( staying at various IHG properties in Europe / UK / Africa ). Considered the properties for Reward Points value, or...
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    IHG in Istanbul

    I'm on the Wait List for Gallipoli 2015 - with a number well under 850 ( there are 37,900 on the Wait List ). Anybody got any experience with IHG hotels either in the capital or closer to Gallipoli ? ( Will be waiting to get the confirmation of the tickets, before airfares and hotels, but just...
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    PP Newsletter for July 14

    It seems, that the July Newsletter offers are in effect, even though there is no Newsletter published ...
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    PP Newsletter Offer - May / June 2014

    I have found, that if you click onto the 'PP Newsletter Offer' on the main PP booking site, it will always show 'No availability'. Be sure to use the link on the PP Newsletter itself ( not the main booking site ). All the links on the Newsletter seem to be working ( today anyway ... ) (...
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    What's happening with AMB Accelerator ?

    Just had a look at 'My Offers', and the AMB Accelerator has been totally removed. I know it was running up to the end of 30th. April ... but it isn't end of the day yet ! I am waiting on two IC nights to post points, and only needed those two nights to get my next 20,000 point bonus. What's...
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    Upgrade me, or I'll make a call elsewhere ...

    Might sound like a dramatic move, but has anyone got any experience to share about making a 'demand' for a room upgrade from either HI or CP ( not ICs ). This is as an IHG Platinum Rewards Member ... For eg. You've made your booking online, and you turn up at say 3pm. Your ask about an...
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    Centenary of Military Aviation Airshow 1 & 2 March 2014 ( Point Cook VIC )

    Got $29. Deathstar airfares to Avalon ... Picking up a rental car to get two of us to Point Cook, then returning to Tullamarine ( for QANTAS Club ) to head back to Sydney on Sat. 1st. March. If any one ( or 2 or 3 ) others want to share a ride from Avalon to Point Cook, and get dropped off...
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    Considering a Rewards stay at HI Vanuatu ?

    Has anybody got anything to say about the HI at Vanuatu ?? As a Plat. is one likely to get an upgrade, if the 'basic' room is obtained with points ? What if you purchased the first night, then followed on with several Reward Nights ... would that get an upgrade for ALL nights booked ?? Any...