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    Qantas QF7 retimed to 11.50am departure from Sydney

    I got the email about the time change for QF7 this morning. A little inconvenient as I now need to take an extra day off work, but I'm assuming the flight will still be running. The QF MMB website is very confused though - the email tells me to accept or change the new flight. However there's...
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    I just confused QF and SIN airport staff

    I've found lately that the QF app offers up a digital boarding pass for a dom connection as part of international itinerary, even if a physical boarding pass was issued. So I just use that and keep the physical pass in my bag.
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    Qantas Humour

    Lost opportunity to say 'and our app doesn't decide you're someone random every time you log in'.
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    The definitive thread on Qantas IT gripes.

    Looks like the text which tells you to select seats on a partner airline website has gone missing.
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    The definitive thread on Qantas IT gripes.

    I wrote about this weird behaviour a while back when looking at QF9 on FR24. The explanation from Mattg was "SYD-OAG is QF2009. The callsign is shortened to Q-Link 9D (and is tracked as QLK9 - not to be confused with QFA9), which causes a bit of confusion with some of the websites." So in this...
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    Your Oldest Travel Accessory

    I have this exact comb in my toiletry bag too. Can't remember exactly where it came from, Cathay Pacific maybe?
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    Qantas App issues?

    Qantas must have decided that Bonza was stealing all the negative press this week and wanted to do something about it.
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    Qantas boosts international capacity, wet lease Finnair aircraft

    I never said they were scheduled in my original post though, just that they were "intermittently replacing these services with QF metal A332's as QF81/QF82."
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    Qantas boosts international capacity, wet lease Finnair aircraft

    There was a QF82 on Saturday and Sunday in the last 7 days, as well as a QF81 on Sunday. What's interesting from FR24 is that QF291 on the 28th (Sunday) was assigned to be VH-EBR, and then the flight number changed to QF81.
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    Qantas boosts international capacity, wet lease Finnair aircraft

    They are intermittently replacing these services with QF metal A332's as QF81/QF82.
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    Qantas Business Class meals & menus

    I just had this on MEL to SYD too. Was just missing the pasta salad. Guess it shows that Trans-Tasman catering is pretty much identical to domestic. Yes I thought it was rather dry, bland and the noodles overly hard. I reckon with some more flavourful sweet chilli and fish sauce it'd be decent...
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    Do the contents of the Business class Toiletry bags need to be in transparent bags for security?

    I've had at least 3 - 5 small bottles of various things in my backpack during screening for years now and not a single airport has called me out on it. EG moisturiser, sunscreen, hand sanitiser in hotel sized tubes. This is across Australia/NZ, Asia, North America, Europe and Middle East...
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    Classic Award Booking Cancellation Fees & Refund Processing Time

    Cancelled one online early this month when the mass release of classic rewards dropped. Points credited back almost instantly, and the money was refunded to my card within a day or two.
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    Qantas Business Class meals & menus

    I thought music was only removed from domestic IFE. Doesn't the seatback IFE on international services have music?
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    Sofitel Darling harbour

    Yes the agents at the lobby check in counters are very quick to offer to scan you up to the club for check in if you so wish. You could also ask a staff member on the floor without queuing at the regular check in counters, they've never questioned my eligibility.
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    Unable to combine a classic reward with a classic plus reward as a multi city booking

    It's this. Classic combined with Classic Plus is only possible with the new booking engine and not the legacy one which multi city is using. IMO I prefer the multi city engine not showing Classic Plus awards as it filters out options I'm unlikely to ever select.
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    Qantas A380 refurbishment news and updates.

    Looking at FT - EK have currently have 3 scrapped and 13 parked of their ~123 A380 fleet. The spreadsheet also confirms that there are some ~22 A380's currently with the ex2 IFE screen (same as QF's). These are the A6-EDx rego's.
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    Qantas A380 refurbishment news and updates.

    It's definitely a value proposition which is not as palatable now in 2024. But when they initially announced the A380 refurb in 2018 it may have made more sense. The 787 product at this time was only one year old. QF certainly thought it made sense to replace the A380 J and Y+ seats with the...
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    Qantas A380 refurbishment news and updates.

    No I don't mean literally put in the 787 Y seat and layout, but they could have retrofitted generation of seat with the tablet holder, split tray table and newer generation IFE screen. Sort of like the Business Suite which is across A330, A380 and 787 but with slight differences to cater. Or...
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    Qantas A380 refurbishment news and updates.

    This won't be the original EK A380 config, which had exactly the same screen as the QF A380. I'm not sure if any of those are still in service though. It would've been better if QF had retrofitted the 787 Y seats when they did the A380 refurbs, instead of just putting in new seat covers.