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    Bonus points on Amex -> Qantas transfers?

    It feels like it's been forever since Amex/Qantas offered bonus points for transfers from Amex (or just credit cards in general) to Qantas. Normally it's something in the vicinity of 15-25% extra points once or twice a year if you transfer your points over. Have I missed one of these? Just not...
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    Lounge Access Help Desk

    So you're saying there's a chance? ;) They're definitely not toddlers anymore. I'll probably wander to the lounge anyway and just ask nicely but yeah, not holding my breath. QF are very generous in that regard.
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    Lounge Access Help Desk

    Just bumping this in case anyone has first-hand experience with this? Thanks!
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    Lounge Access Help Desk

    Hey all Whenever I travel with family with QF (wife and 3 kids), the lounge team tend to be gracious enough to let us all in on my Platinum status. Now UA Prem Plat and travelling next week SYD - SFO. I know in the US I'll have no hope of getting the fam into any lounges, but does anyone know...
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    Legality of seat charges being nontransferable/nonrefundable?

    Totally makes sense. I am not a lawyer but surely just because a company writes something in T&Cs, doesn't mean it will actually stand up in court? Banks used to "legally" charge overdraft fees that were $20+. Now, banks are a heavily regulated "industry" and the government has a lot of interest...
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    Legality of seat charges being nontransferable/nonrefundable?

    Hi all First of all, I am not accusing Qantas of doing anything illegal :) But I am wondering... just HOW legal is the nontransferable/nonrefundable nature of seat charges on bookings? I am Platinum, often book fully flexible tickets... I buy exit row seats - often $190 on SYD <-> LHR for...
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    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    Hi all I am 255 SCs away from Platinum, have to hit it before end of September. I am 90 SCs away from my next SC bonus. So I need 105 legitimate SCs in the next 6 weeks if I book this weekend to take advantage of double SCs and earn my 50 SC bonus to hit the 255 I need. What are some good...
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    Perth International Transit Lounge hours

    Hi all Flying SYD to LHR via PER next week and have arranged an earlier SYD to PER flight to spend some time working and relaxing in the new lounge before the LH over the ocean. Just looked though and in the Qantas app, it shows that lounge only opening 2 hours prior the the departure time. Is...
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    Valet @ Sydney T3

    I never got around to replying but just wanted to follow up and say that Qantas Valet went well. No line at either end, quick check in and drop-off/pick-up of car. Friendly staff. For a few extra dollars over the normal parking prices, I'll definitely be doing this for same-day travel from now...
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    Double Status Credits (book by 5/2/18, fly 12/2/18 to 20/1/19)

    I've tried to skim this whole thread but may have missed this so apologies if I did. In the T&C's is this: "If you change or cancel your initial qualifying booking and/or travel is completed outside the promotional period, this bonus offer will not apply." I then asked on live chat if I can...
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    Valet @ Sydney T3

    Thanks PJ. In the absence of other replies, I think I'll try the Qantas one and report back afterwards :)
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    Long time lurker

    Hey all, been lurking around for the last 6-8 months, getting lots of useful advice from the site and posters. Just posted my first question though. Got lots more travel lined up this year and looking forward to the continued great advice that people give here!
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    Valet @ Sydney T3

    Hi all I'm aware there are two options available at the T3 airport for valet parking - Qantas' one at the end of the drop-off zone and the Pronto one in the carpark. I'm flying out early one morning next week (will be dropping car off at 5am) and coming back late - arrive back in Sydney around...