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    Qantas Top-up points (limited-time bonuses)

    Thank you. You are right that it's better even without the 10% PCP bonus. At 1.3c per point, it's worthwhile even if the wine is only good for cooking!
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    Qantas Top-up points (limited-time bonuses)

    You sure the 30k bonus is with the 10% PCP discount? I called previously on a different $1k+ order and the best they would do is offer 3k bonus points unless I am willing to forego the 10% PCP discount.
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    Qantas Wine latest offering

    Out of stock again :(
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    Too good to be true...

    Scam, likely a point broker. A real TA would not only sell business class flights.
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    Qantas Points Club Discussion

    Had anyone received Points Club voucher this year? I requalified for Points Club about 2 months ago but haven't received any of the wine or hotel vouchers yet. My membership year has another 7 months to go but I thought you get the vouchers when you earn the required QF points, not at the end of...
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    Sad, looks like no more free extension. Any reason to go for soft landing into QR Gold if I am already QF Gold? I can credit a domestic QF flight to QR but not sure the benefit of doing so as a QF Gold.
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    Qantas Wine latest offering

    Thanks, I will try this on Monday. The support team is useless as the item was actually in stock (IrishPete has the link), yet they processed the refund claiming it is now out of stock...., not sure what they are looking at!
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    Qantas Wine latest offering

    Does anyone know the escalation channel for Qantas Wine? Need some urgent help as my J redemption could get cancelled because Qantas Wine is looking to claw half of my bonus points back as they went ahead to process the refund for half of my orders without asking me (item is now out of stock)...
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    Qantas Wine latest offering

    Thanks all, they must have got confused between a order of 6 bottles versus 12 bottles. I ordered 3 cases of 12 and only 18 bottles showed up, hopefully they can get to the bottom of it soon.
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    Qantas Wine latest offering

    Has anyone ordered Yalumba Barossa Valley Cabernet Shiraz 2017 at the end of last year? If yes, did you get 12 bottles with your order? They delivered 6 bottles instead of 12 and are looking into this for me, so I am keen to see whether others have the same problem too.
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    1 year limit on booked tickets

    Only way I can think of is to pay the fee to extend miles validity; it might be possible to call them and ask whether you can extend the miles if you cancel the ticket by paying the extend validity fee. It won't be cheap and I am not 100% sure they will allow it, but that's the best shot you...
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    TR21 Cancellation

    Thanks, I know even EU261 won't cover you when it's weather related, just thought it's worth to confirm. What is the usual protocol for getting people back to the terminal when an international flight is cancelled at the gate? I was told the group of passengers just walked back out to the...
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    TR21 Cancellation

    TR21 was cancelled today due to TR20 having to divert to MEL due to weather, my mother was supposed to be on that flight and she said Scoot isn't offering any assistance to passengers even though it's nearly midnight when they cancelled the flight. I know this is one of those "you get what you...
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    Virgin to charge for Seat Selection - WP/SG Exempt

    I doubt many corporates would drop VA, otherwise they would only have QF (and Rex) and their travel budget would explode. Have you checked how much a last minute ticket on QF can cost?
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    Woolworths gift card thread

    How about using the EFTPOS card for ATO or similar government payments?
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    AMEX Platinum Charge Benefits - Q&A

    Where are people using the Amex $200 Dining benefit in Melbourne? What are the good restaurants that are under $100 pp?
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    AMEX Platinum Charge Benefits - Q&A

    Also the Platinum card benefit in Australia is worse than the benefit you get in the US. I am only holding onto the card because of the grandfathered Amex Platinum Reserve travel credit, it's difficult to justify such a high annual fee as they keep increasing costs and reducing benefits.
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    AMEX Platinum Charge Benefits - Q&A

    Are Amex lounges in Australia overcrowded? I never noticed a queue in the Melbourne Amex lounge, and I haven't heard of a queue in Sydney Amex lounge either.
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    Visa run allowed to renew Australia eVisitor?

    It might be best to repost your question in an Australia immigration forum, you will get a much better response there. Given 651 visa is only offered to countries that are deemed to be low-risk, doing one visa run should be fine as long as they don't make it a habit. If the passport they hold...
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    Seat Selection Payment Error

    I recently paid for seat selection (was a Amex travel booking so not eligible for free seat selection), but even after a few days and I couldn't generate the seat payment receipt and this error appears on the flight booking: A payment is in progress Payment for a Seat Selection request has...