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    Qantas domestic economy meals

    Qantasnomics: 1 x 2/3 sandwich + 1 x 2/3 sandwich = 3 x sandwiches. Every little bit helps towards the exec bonuses & ACCC fines…
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    ACCC action re cancelled Qantas flights

    Just heard “aviation consultant” Neil Hansford being interviewed by ABC News24 about this. His views: - Qantas negotiated a good outcome for the company’s bottom line - “Customers should initiate credit card chargebacks for services paid for but not received” - whilst simultaneously noting...
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    ACCC action re cancelled Qantas flights

    Qantas will be notifying impacted customers via email from next month with details about how they can lodge a claim. Further information can be found at
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    B738 VH-VZS which operated QF796 MEL-ASP this morning is grounded in ASP. VH-VXE has ferried to ASP as QF6115 & will operate the delayed QF797 to MEL, approx 6 hours later than scheduled.
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    Article: Where Does Qantas Fly the Embraer E190?

    Ref post #27; after at least a fortnight of direct flights MEL - DRW, QF1864 is tonight operating via… TSV! Operating aircraft E190 VH-UYN.
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    Life Time Gold - The [Realistic] Holy Grail

    The same best efforts that provided a full month’s notice last year of the changes to QP guesting rules? Not a great precedent.
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    Are Virgin Plat upgrade credits worthless?

    Was able to burn 2 credits today on VA1747 under the current Choice promotion, after booking a week or so ahead; but per above, upgrade credit usage dependent on Z availability so will vary by route and timeframe. ie not worthless but very contextual.
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    Virgin Australia Delays/Cancellations

    Thanks @Harrison_133, I was trying to determine which inbound flight to ADL was affected.
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    Virgin Australia Delays/Cancellations

    This evening’s VA721 1820 ADL - PER just cancelled, due to engineering issues - not with the aircraft scheduled to operate the service (VH-VUP, which has arrived from operating the previous sector ASP-ADL), but with the aircraft carrying the cabin crew scheduled to operate VA 721, which has...
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    Bonza Airline Discussion

    Well we are talking at least 5-6x more $ to fly with someone else ex-ASP, so it’s understandable why some are choosing AB. And FWIW I don’t think there’s been a single cancellation on the MEL <-> ASP route in the 7 weeks it’s operated so far which is in their favour. Runs only twice weekly...
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    Qantas Green frequent flyer tier

    According to the T&Cs, the option to select your reward will appear in My Account 21 days after the member has achieved Green Tier.
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    Article: Where Does Qantas Fly the Embraer E190?

    E190s now operating QF1864 MEL-DRW, and some having been making tech stops in ASP this month. Perhaps a combination of sector length, loadings and holding fuel requirements since the monsoon arrived in the Top End.
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    Virgin Australia Delays/Cancellations

    Further to the disruption on the same route late last week, today’s VA1747 and the return VA1746 (ADL - ASP - ADL) have been cancelled for Operational reasons. Next of the 3x/week services is due to operate 27 Dec.
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    Virgin Australia Delays/Cancellations

    Yesterday’s delayed VA1746 departed ASP mid-afternoon today, as the same flight number and still operated by VH-YIY, and has arrived in ADL. About 26 hours later than scheduled, but no doubt with many people thankful to still be able to spend Christmas where they had planned. FR24 suggests the...
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    Virgin Australia Delays/Cancellations

    VH-YIY, the B738 operating this afternoons VA1746 ASP-ADL, appears to have departed and then turned back to ASP, currently remaining on the ground with no replacement flight plan visible. Reason unknown, however recovery options would be very limited. Although VA’s own flight status page still...
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    Qantas Delays/Cancellations

    Prefominantly regional ports affected by cancellations ex MEL this evening: NTL, WGA, ABX.
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    Spice bar at Melbourne Qantas Domestic Business Lounge

    Tofu-free zone today: Doenjang grilled pork or Kimchi fried rice, both with stir fry greens. Latter decidedly better than the former.
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    Late, late and late again....

    Yes the Flightaware assessment of OTD was on the generous side for this one