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  1. kelpie

    Citibank Signature 80k QFF signup bonus $299+$49, ends 31/03/14 [Extended - 31/05/14]

    Good call. Let's wait for the H1 results and any new "enhancements" before signing up. But in the meantime it looks to be a stonkingly good offer. One question though... what does "eligible spend" mean? They don't seem to define it on either the QF or Citi websites for the card.
  2. kelpie

    Velocity/Virgin websites are RUBBISH

    I saw the VA CEO profiled in the Herald Sun today. Not a mention of fixing his airline's ****ty websites. Hopefully the work is going on behind the scenes though. 44 pages of feedback here should count for something.
  3. kelpie

    Should VA have a membership status for FF's above platinum?

    I don't ask for much. Just fix the <*** deleted> VA and Velocity websites!!!
  4. kelpie

    Revamped Melbourne lounge

    I was there on Tuesday this week. It looks terrific. So much space. The end with the toilets is still being worked on but the new wing out towards the apron looks fantastic and has heaps of room. Nice to see after quite a long labour!
  5. kelpie

    VA Double Status Credit Offer

    Perfect timing. I'd been holding off in the hope they would deliver such an offer. Look out credit card...
  6. kelpie

    VA Plat experience on Virgin Atlantic flights

    Thanks. But my aim is to book in Premium Economy and in terms of bang for buck, VS seems to beat the others. I am Platinum with QF too, but their PE seats are too expensive between Aust and LHR, while BA and CX have got pretty ordinary PE products. Unfortunately Etihad doesn't have PE at all.
  7. kelpie

    VA Plat experience on Virgin Atlantic flights

    Hi folks I am at Platinum level with Virgin Australia's Velocity program and am looking at flying with Virgin Atlantic through to London next month. For those of you who have flown with Virgin Atlantic, what has been your experience with recognition of your Velocity frequent flyer status? I'm...
  8. kelpie

    JQ 35 SYD-MEL dumped for 2013?

    Sorry to drag up an old thread, but the JQ 3 route from MEL-SYD on a Monday arvo at 2.35pm is my new favourite. At least 2 hours of Flounging in MEL and then you get into the Sydney CBD just in time for the exec lounge to open up for business at your CBD hotel of choice. Plus Jetstar has been...
  9. kelpie

    JQ 35 SYD-MEL dumped for 2013?

    Correct for JQ 35. Not sure about JQ 1 though.
  10. kelpie

    JQ 35 SYD-MEL dumped for 2013?

    I always liked JQ 35 because it was a 3pm departure. Great for a long lunch in the Flounge. Not such a fan of the other JQ flights that depart from the international terminal earlier (9am, 11.15am and 1pm) as I can't get stuck into the wine without raising a few eyebrows!
  11. kelpie

    JQ 35 SYD-MEL dumped for 2013?

    Hi all Perhaps I have missed out on an earlier thread on this topic, but a few recent attempts on both the QF and JQ sites to book my favourite JQ 35 SYD-MEL flight and do a bit of Flounging seem to reveal that the flight no longer exists. Say it isn't so.
  12. kelpie

    International Red e-deal (N/O/Q) Upgrade Promotion

    Didn't get the email but just put in a request from a super cheap Red E-Deal to Business for a Wellington return. Thanks again AFF!
  13. kelpie

    Careers/Jobs of Frequent Flyers

    Lobbyist. Lots of travel within Australia and NZ plus a few trips to SE Asia and the odd one here and there to Europe and the US. So much so that I'm currently maintaining PPS with Krisflyer as well as WP & PG with Qantas. I have probably been a passenger in skyring's Canberra taxi without...
  14. kelpie

    New Singapore Air website

    The site remains criminally slow. I thought the Age website was the worst ever in terms of loading time, but SQ gives it a good challenge.
  15. kelpie

    Air New Zealand - New Trans-Tasman and Pacific Island Structures

    That is good news about the Space+ seats coming back. To answer your other question, they did comp me a membership at *G level just recently, but I normally use my SQ membership instead.
  16. kelpie

    Air New Zealand - New Trans-Tasman and Pacific Island Structures

    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I gave the new layout of the A320 a go earlier this year. Never again. It might be OK for families and other leisure travellers (and the fares are indeed cheap), but for business travel it is hopeless because the seat pitch is too tight to open up a...
  17. kelpie

    Bonus SC Email

    Would have been nice to get it this week - I have a return trip in J to Copenhagen this weekend! Oh well...
  18. kelpie

    A belated hello

    This probably doesn't count as an introduction, as I have been a member here for more than 4 years! But after very few posts and a fair bit of lurking, I thought it only fair to say hi to everyone formally and thanks for all the tips on loyalty programmes for the past few years. I fly too...
  19. kelpie

    Fifth Ashes Test, Sydney

    And now the rebuilding starts... get rid of Hilditch!
  20. kelpie

    Anybody get waiver of annual fee for second year on Qantas AMEX?

    I got mine waived but I'd put about $50K of spending through it, including my wedding. You have to threaten to cancel first.