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    Bonza Airline Discussion

    Understood......but wondering how many of the "kickers" have actually flown Bonza or just feeding on the media frenzy ?
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    Bonza Airline Discussion

    Seems like a lot of kicking Bonza while they are down and probably out. Although wanting to, I did not have the opportunity to fly with them because they did not service BNE or SYD, supposedly not part of their business model. I notice that none of the criticism (above) has been directed at the...
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    Qantas to Introduce Group Boarding and Bag Tracking

    The aircraft was at the terminal. NO buses were used. Both aerobridges were operational and used. The Y bridge was used by Y pax and when the time came, J pax used the J bridge.
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    Qantas to Introduce Group Boarding and Bag Tracking

    I recently flew on QR from DOH to BNE in J class. Arriving at the gate prior to boarding, I was directed to the Priority Boarding seating area. Come time to board a group of Y pax sitting at the rear of the aircraft were told to proceed onboard. Any J pax infiltrating the Ys were promptly...
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    Qantas upgrades SYD-JNB to A380 service

    If traveling using $$$rather than points, check out QR, they MAY provide a viable option. Early March, I am traveling back to BNE from JNB with QR via DOH. J fare, when I booked was between $500 and $1500 cheaper than QF in the week of travel. For me,travel time is not an issue particularly when...
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    Qantas deliberately hiding QF awards to QFF and pushing JQ seats instead?

    It's a pity that the airline filter on the QF booking app isn't more inclusive. Currently it's QF or "other". Ideally, I would prefer all partner airlines listed including those under the QF umbrella, especially Jetstar , so they may be deleted from any search should one desire.
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    Vegemite under 100mls for carry on

    Hmmm.......seems like a name change is in order. Following recent activity, my vote is for "Australian Frequent Foodies" !!!
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    Vegemite under 100mls for carry on

    Really !!!......what's happened with this thread ? From a genuine question re conveniently packaged vegemite for carry on, to sickly Nutella by the spoonful, to knocking Grandma's fruit cake and Christmas puds, to the cons of sweet US white bread. Personally, I like deep fried chocolate covered...
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    Vegemite under 100mls for carry on

    As an aside, I lived in Bangkok for over 20 years and over that time I probably entered through DMK/BKK well over 100 times. Only once was I stopped for a random Customs inspection. I had just returned from Australia after "resupply" trip. Despite my best endeavors, I could not explain to...
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    Passport Holders, Neck Pouches, Money Belts and Shoulder Bags

    I'm with RooFlyer. Carry my Passport while traveling, otherwise in room safe if available. I do however have a fallback position. I have for many years carried with me a business card sized, laminated , colored photo copy of my passport face page. While not 100% effective, it has been more...
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    Article: Qantas Considers Bringing Call Centres Back to Australia

    Re Call Centres. The success of any call centre depends on,: Product knowledge, good enunciation (understandable english in our case) and good technical connections and empathy. Product knowledge: At least know the difference between Bangalore and Bundaburg. Understand the differing connection...
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    Qantas Frequent Flyer changes coming in early 2024

    Bring the Call Centers back home.
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    Oman Air planning to join Oneworld in 2024 bad.......had a senior moment.....please amend accordingly .
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    Oman Air planning to join Oneworld in 2024

    In June 2022, it was announced that WY would join OW early in 2024. As far as I can ascertain, there has been no public progress announcements on the deal. I recently contacted WY for an update, but they were unable (or unwilling) to provide any additional information. I am planning a trip to...
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    Reward bookings to BKK

    Very popular around your travel date of 5 Dec. If you are reasonably flexible, there are some reward Y seats out of SYD towards the end of Nov....good luck
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    Qantas upgrades SYD-JNB to A380 service

    Yes......JNB......finger trouble while watching cricket .
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    Qantas upgrades SYD-JNB to A380 service

    Perhaps an excuse to restart PER/JUN if they have spare acft. 1698235943 Have a looking starting Oct....seems to be more on offer.
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    Qantas upgrades SYD-JNB to A380 service

    Thanks and noted. I only looked until end of Jun as my preferred fwd journey is late Feb, early Mar. I will keep my options open for maybe later in 2024 but still hoping for something earlier.