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    Short connection dxb

    90 mins is fine at dxb. Thousands of pax have similar connections there every day.
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    Qantas Platinum One experiences?

    Yes. Welcome to ltp pack arrived. New card, personalised luggage tag made out of a piece of metal from a retired qf 747, non personslised travel wallet, welcome letter (which wasn't even signed 😲).
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    Qantas Trans Tasman Pretend IFE

    Yes about 50% 737 trans-Tasman have phantom ife, and 50% shorter selection list. Whereas bne-wlg (on e190) has no ife at all. Need to make sure your device is charged up as also no power source onboard available to pax.
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    Qantas Platinum One experiences?

    I already had options, with lifetime statuses on 3 alliances.
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    Qantas Platinum One experiences?

    LTP achieved 19 years 10 months after joining qff.
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    Article: New Zealand Replaces Paper Arrival Cards with Online Declaration

    Conversely can be slightly quicker with online or app at wlg arrival. There is usually an officer before baggage claim checking paper forms to identify pax who may need inspection of bags. Those with paper forms get asked lots of questions. Those with electronic (online or app) get waved through...
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    Do the contents of the Business class Toiletry bags need to be in transparent bags for security?

    Normally yes for any liquids and gels, but not a problem in some countries (eg Singapore).
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    Double Status Credits promotion (Book by 27/2/24, travel 28/2/24-14/2/25)

    My next QF trip, in a few weeks, plus DSC, will get me to LTP in under 20 years since joining QFF. Not bad given I fly a lot more non-one world airlines.
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    Double Status Credits promotion (Book by 27/2/24, travel 28/2/24-14/2/25)

    Not necessarily. I had a manual credit for a missing QF flight. Also got response wait 8 weeks for DSC. But DSC posted the next day.
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    Qantas bus gates in Sydney

    Nearly all my intl flights at syd get bus gate. Very common early am for flights to and from nz. Worst stand to get is over by domestic, which on departure guarantees at least 30 mins late and on arrival it is a painful hour to complete transit to domestic terminal that was so close.
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    ITA Volare Executive (SkyTeam Elite Plus) can it be used to get into the Korean Airlines F lounge at ICN

    No. Per elite plus only access miler club lounge and Prestige lounge, not f lounge.
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    Double Status Credits promotion (Book by 27/2/24, travel 28/2/24-14/2/25)

    My dsc from previous trip (under current promo) disappeared. No dsc posted yet for flights taken on 21 March.
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    The Midlife Crisis thread

    I go for an early morning walk - on work days between 12 & 18km, longer in the weekends. It's great me time and then i don't have to worry about finding time in the rest of the day.
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    The Midlife Crisis thread

    Less than 9 months after starting exercising and I've done a quarter marathon, 2 half marathons, and 2 full marathons (on consecutive days including bush trails). I've already signed up for more trail runs and marathons. I think this is a healthy mid life crisis to have, compared with some...
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    "... we'll shortly announce a major investment to improve our Frequent Flyer program"

    Not necessarily. Hard to get pc/pc+ if not Australian.
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    Pets in the Cabin - Coming soon on Virgin Australia

    Yeah I need inhaler fairly quickly, and to get away from the source. Easier said than done on a full flight.
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    Pets in the Cabin - Coming soon on Virgin Australia

    I'm also allergic so will avoid va if this gets adopted. I wonder if va has considered the risk and cost of medical diversions for pax with severe allergies?
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    Qantas mainline to fly BNE-WLG, replacing QantasLink flights

    From October so I have to suffer erj for several more trips. Note qf had been pushing connecting pax to the bne flights with significant fare difference connecting at syd or Mel compared with bne.
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    Qantas Platinum One experiences?

    No, except 1 free upgrade the first flight after I initially qualified as p1 years ago.
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    Qantas Platinum One experiences?

    In my case the lack of invites isn't related to lack of many years of high sc earn but rather because I'm in the eastern isles.