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    [Gone] 1 x QF Lounge Pass expires 26 June

    I have 1 x QF lounge pass that another member gave me which I can no longer use (due to lockdown). Expires 26 June. First to respond please then PM me your details.
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    Qantas Health Insurance Offer Extended to 4 April 2021

    Up to 140000 bonus points offer has been extended to 4 April, with slightly better rates (for those not going for the top cover and points). The website is currently reporting the wrong number of points you will earn when you select a policy, but they are sorting that out.
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    Qantas Lounge Pass Portal Not Working?

    Is it just me or is the QANTAS Lounge Pass Portal Complimentary Lounge Invitations | Qantas not working? For the past few days I always get "Something went wrong. Please try again later." I want to check if a couple of passes have come through.
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    12 year member

    Well after 12 years I have only just made my 100th post. So I still feel kind of new here!
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    Citibank Continues to Frustrate

    Do we need to set up guide on how to deal with Citibank when travelling overseas? I couldn't write it, as I haven't worked out what to do, but I thought I'd share my recent experiences. I have a Citibank transaction account with a MasterCard debit card. As annoying as Citibank are, I still find...
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    Tiger Schedule April 09?

    Does anyone have any idea when Tiger will post a schedule from April 2009? If you ring them they just say they have no information and to keep checking the website. I don't want to miss out on other cheap fares waiting.