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  1. La Mouette

    Poor Spa availability for First out of SYD! (Couldn't book timely one with "day before" call.)

    I was there last Saturday, and there was no spa availability in advance, travelling in F. I don't know what the underlying reason is, but I think it's pretty poor not to have at least enough capacity for F pax. They also said that they'd waitlist me, but they didn't.
  2. La Mouette

    QF5 ... SYD to LHR?

    I've been contemplating changing a flight to 26 May, and I keep getting offered QF5 at a sale price. QF5 doesn't appear to exist on any other dates, and I haven't seen any news about a new LHR flight. I asked reservations about it, and they were equally surprised. Can anyone shed any light...
  3. La Mouette

    Can I upgrade both QF2 and QF36 on the same ticket

    Hi, if I'm flying LHR-SIN-MEL-SYD, so QF2 and QF36, could someone please remind me how the upgrades work when you have the different flight numbers on the sane ticket? Can you upgrade? Do they get processed as separate requests, with separate point requirements? Would they have the same...
  4. La Mouette

    The night the bogans visited the F lounge

    Now I never attended finishing school and wouldn't engage in a debate as to which utensil to use to eat grapes, but I was left wondering the other night if even the most basic manners were no longer taught to young Aussies. (Please do not take this post as too serious or elitist ... that is...