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    Difficulties obtaining Original Routing Credit

    I was booked on a QF award between SYD and LAX in Business. As a Points Club member, I should receive some Status Credits for taking that flight. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I went to check in for that flight, I was informed that I would be bumped to PE as there were First/Business...
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    Problem Ticketing Classic Award Changes

    Hi Hoping someone might be able to share an experience or two here to let me know if I am worrying about nothing or if I should continue to HUACA. I have an AA LAX-SYD Business classic award booking for early September. I made this booking earlier in the year. On 28 June, I made a date change...
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    QF trialling upgrades at the gate in SFO

    Apologies if this is elsewhere (I couldn't find it) but saw this this morning Would be interesting if this trial was rolled out elsewhere
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    Flight Cancellation on QF Award - no suitable alternative offered?

    Hi all - hoping someone more experienced than I am in these situations may be able to assist. Iwas booked on a QF Award flight to travel LAX-AKL-SYD early September. It was J all the way through, LAX-AKL on AA and AKL-SYD on EK. AA has recently suspended the LAX-AKL flight for 8 weeks over...
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    All Darwin Hilton Properties - AARP Rate

    Just had a look at all Hilton properties in Darwin for a stay later this month. I always check AARP rates and even though I'm not a member, I'll join if I see a worthwhile rate. All AARP rates for all three properties are showing as 'Confidential Rate.' They are flexible rates and can be...
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    HHonors Transfer to Airline Miles

    Has anyone had any experience transferring HHonors points to airline miles (specifically to AA). I wanted to know realistically when I could expect the miles in my account. I've seen blanket 30 and 60 day timelines online however this seems somewhat excessive. I know its a poor use of points...
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    IC Sydney AMB Entitlements

    What are the usual benefits other than upgrade that an Ambassador receives at the Sydney IC? I was told they would be in the room but I can't see anything. Thanks for any help
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    QF direct between MEL and OOL?

    Just having a bit of a look around and I notice that there is a QF1193 MEL-OOL on 23 November. Looks like it then returns to SYD that day as QF1194. The reverse then happens the following Saturday as QF1193 is SYD-OOL and QF1194 is MEL-OOL. Could it be there to test the waters of MEL-OOL...
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    Room upgrades with Gold status

    Hoping someone here can help me out, I recently attained Gold status and have a few more bookings coming up that I have eStandby upgrade requests in for. I'm relatively happy with the rooms I have booked however an upgrade would be nice. Do gold members often get good upgrades? And do you have...
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    Cancelling a MileSAAver

    Hi all, Looking to use some points on a MileSAAver fare soon. I currently have it on hold as my travel plans aren't 100% confirmed yet. Just wondering if I book it, can I cancel it later and if so how much is the cancellation fee? Also, if I was to ring up and there is availability on another...
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    Bronze Upgrade Request

    I have been following the forums but its my first time posting so hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone might be able to help me out. Basically I have a BME-PER-SYD flight in December and I paid for a V ticket. I have only joined FF frequently so I'm only a Bronze member, even though...