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    Carry on Allowance

    Hi there, I am flying to Rome in a few weeks on an award flight. The route is SYD-SIN-HEL-FCO The first leg is QF in economy, the other legs are Finnair in J. Its all on one ticket. The booking tells me I can check in 3 bags but doesn't specify the carryon allowance. I am actually trying to...
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    SYD International Bag Drop

    Hi Can anyone tell me if its possible to drop bags after self check in the night before your flight. We are planning to stay in the airport hotel and if we could avoid some of the current airport chaos by dropping the night before, it would be great. Our flight QF81 to SIN at 11:10am. Thanks Lisa
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    Reciprocal Health Care Agreement

    Has anyone ever had the need to use the reciprocal health care agreement? We are travelling to Italy and Australians can get treated in hospital under this agreement. I am not planning to take additional insurance , other than Westpac Complimentary which does not cover pandemics. I am not too...
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    Where to transit?

    Hi there We are headed to Italy in September - I currently have 3 separate award flights itineraries booked to get us there. My first booking is SYD-HKG-FCO on Cathay all in J. This is my preferred route, but the situation in HKG and the viability of Cathay Pacific worries me, so I had to have a...
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    Points Club Plus

    So my current points club balance is 348992 and I have 45 days remaining. I will comfortably hit points club plus tomorrow when my credit card statement hits. However, I have just received credits on another card for cancelled flights - will they take the points off for this refund. Also it was...
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    Chubb Insurance

    I have a trip that I am about to cancel booked on my Qantas premier MasterCard. The insurance included is underwritten by Chubb. Trip was booked in November, so before any cutoff dates. I have read that they are one of the only companies paying on Covid claims. anyone have any further...
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    When do you think we can travel again?

    I know everyone’s situation is different and we will all do our own risk assessment, but when do you reckon it might be ok to travel again? We have classic award flights booked for September. We are booked on QR in F, PER-DOH, then Q suites on the return and I really, really don’t want to give...
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    Meal times on Qatar F

    Hi there, We are lucky enough to have secured 2 x F award seats from PER-DOH connecting to JMK in J. This is quite likely our once in a lifetime F experience and we want to make the most of it. I know that dining is on demand, so how should we space it out. The flight does not leave PER until...
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    Doesnt deliver to my postcode

    So I was just about to purchase my first box of wine - got all the way to the delivery options and got an error that Qantas doesnt deliver to my post code - 2745. (suburb of Penrith) Will they deliver to a local post office?
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    Award flight Sept 17

    So I am hoping to book an award flight Sydney to Doha on QR - I am tracking their release daily and they seem to release regularly but are gone quickly. So i have my alarm set for my preferred release day which happens to be September 17. I am also hoping to add a flight to either Athens or...
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    QR A350 with Q suites or A380?

    Hoping to fly with QR SYD-DOH and then onto Athens. Should I go with the A350 and Q suites that arrives in DOH around midnight and an 8 hour transit time or the overnight A380 that arrives around 5:00am. Hoping for an award flight so will take either but if both are available which should I...
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    Award Flight - SYD - ATH

    So I am hoping to book an award flight SYD-ATH later this year. My preferred carrier is QR and i notice they have been releasing awards quite regularly but they are snapped up quickly. My problem is the DOH - ATH sector would be on the next calendar day due to the overnight flight. If SYD-DOH...
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    Lounge Access SAW

    Hi all, I am planning a trip to Turkey - looking at award redemption options and it seems most award flights - (looking at Emirates) to Sydney leave from SAW airport. Wondering what the lounge access is at this airport.? (Depending on availability, and my points balance - I am looking at...
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    QF Award but please explain QR married segments.

    I have read all 325 pages of this thread and tried searching to no avail. Can someone please explain the QR married segment policy. I am hoping to book award flights Syd - DOH -IST And return ATH - DOH -SYD Depending on availability will consider flying in/out of MEL or ADL instead, but what...
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    Westjet award booking

    Hi - not sure if this is a new thing - but I am sure I had asked the question previously about using my QFF points for an award booking on westjet. Happy to report that I was able to make a classic award booking today YVR - to YYC for 10,000 points and about $45! Maybe not the best burn rate...