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    Would you feel comfortable with this?

    @jackaroo Honestly, the least stress is to go the day prior. Don't stay at the airport - Singapore is very easy, you'll have your bags and be through customs before you know it. Stay someone reasonable in the city, go for a wander, sightsee or even visit the zoo. You'll effectively have 36hrs in...
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    Qantas brand badly tarnished

    OMG - what a PR disaster for QF. Every parents nightmare...
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    Qantas Lounge Pass Access Denied Almost Everywhere

    I can feel for the OP here. For many on this forum, QF lounge access really isn't anything special - we've been going in and out of them for years. However, for people who travel rarely its a bit of a novelty and they genuinely look forward to it. My wife works in a senior govt role but very...
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    QR returning to CBR

    Qatar announced today that they are resuming their CBR service from 1 OCT 2022. Good to get more capacity in the market. Canberra Times article
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    Qantas to Remove Boarding Pass Printing from Kiosks

    Now imagine that you're an international visitor, first time in SYD airport and english is your second language......this will be an ongoing and potentially acute problem for QF.
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    Article: Most Qantas International Lounges Are Now Open Again

    I was in DXB last week and accessed the Emirates F & J lounge without issue [including the time saving F check-in curbside]. Massive lounge with lots and lots of room - i was there for around 4hrs and it was probably running at 15% capacity most of the time. Very nice evening meal too, probably...
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    Flight delayed, missed connection and abandoned by Qantas

    Totally agree - ranting on here is one thing but if you want real action, lodge a claim at VCAT, ACAT etc. That will get their attention and automatically escalate the matter to a more senior and empowered team. Worked for me on several occasions with other large companies - NAB, Origin Energy...
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    Holidays and Airport 'Chaos' 2022

    Thanks @RooFlyer - longtime flyer, brand new member here. Flying SYD-DRW-LHR this Saturday and hoping the chaos has eased by the weekend....
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    Holidays and Airport 'Chaos' 2022

    Hard to believe this is happening again....these sorts of headlines should be a massive concern for governments at all levels who are trying to get the tourism industry moving again....