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  1. jlzrbm

    a330-200 seat

    The only reason that you might want to avoid this mini cabin is that it backs onto the front row of economy - so if there's screaming babies in the bassinets on the front row of economy you better believe you're gonna hear them the whole way. Also, on the A330-200, you're a long way from the...
  2. jlzrbm

    Qantas double booking: staff member took precedence

    Speaking as ex-QF staff the only way you'd be able to regrade a commercial pax is with manager approval. You cannot regrade a commercial pax to economy to make room for a staff traveller in business. Not only would it require multiple approval layers of people all doing the wrong thing, it...
  3. jlzrbm

    Qantas Cloth Seats?

    Had exactly this occur while working for an airline - have had pax either offload themselves (I believed we moved them to another service with different seating). Have also had pax place a blanket between themselves and the seats so that they're not touching the leather. I didn't dare tell...
  4. jlzrbm

    Gifts for cabin crew

    Just make sure it's commercial and sealed. Baking crew a bunch of muffins is lovely, but some airlines have released guidelines instructing crew not to consume anything that's clearly homemade (lest this be a pretty sneaky way of getting rid of a bunch of the crew at once).
  5. jlzrbm

    Qantas Cloth Seats?

    So you'll find most premium airlines will do cloth on long-haul because it breathes better over time, however long-term maintenance costs on leather are significantly lower (wipes clean). Interestingly, JQ were actually one of the first low-cost airlines to do leather in economy, and now it's...
  6. jlzrbm

    Hi community!

    Hi all! Long time lurker, new poster here. I've worked in aviation for the past decade, including stints and most of our major airlines, and am a big ol' plane nerd. Airports are my happy place. The flounge is nirvana.
  7. jlzrbm

    Qantas A330 YBBN to LAX

    It's worth noting that the aircraft that QF are now sending on BNE-LAX are A332's, which have slightly longer legs than the A333's. Rumour has it that back when QF was reconfiguring the the 330's with the new business class (circa 2014?), management intended the 333's to be international-only...
  8. jlzrbm

    Qantas booking through Japan Airlines (JAL) - Seat Selection

    That worked! All I was doing was seat selection. Thanks!
  9. jlzrbm

    Qantas booking through Japan Airlines (JAL) - Seat Selection

    I have received an e-ticket with ticket numbers. :(
  10. jlzrbm

    Qantas booking through Japan Airlines (JAL) - Seat Selection

    Thanks! I thought a similar thing - however I've noticed if I've got the names wrong (by trying without my middle name, for instance, I get the below error message: But when I do it with the correct names as per the booking, I get this: I only made the booking this morning - but I wouldn't...
  11. jlzrbm

    Qantas booking through Japan Airlines (JAL) - Seat Selection

    Hi all, I'm experiencing exactly the same issue - however am receiving the below error message when trying to log into JAL to manage my booking. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm using the PNR provided from QF.