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    Amex Business Platinum no longer offering comp Australian Financial Review subscription?

    It's still on the website, towards the bottom of the page under the Business Tools heading.
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    Any communications techs out there?

    Have you actually spoken to iiNet or just checked for outages in the area? Suggest you call them and they can test your line. Just because there's no general outages it doesn't mean your specific line is working. If on NBN - likely faulty line or modem. If on ADSL - first check if you have a...
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    Bali lounge help

    I haven't been in there for six months but the reviews you quoted seem a bit over the top unless it's gone massively downhill. I always found the food edible enough, the drinks are nothing special (mainly canned beer, soft drinks, etc). That said I'm not sure I'd pay to enter, you're probably...
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    Have VA 'enhanced' Agoda? [Yes!]

    Just did some random searches and doesn't appear to be the same as Agoda. Less choice and higher prices, at least for the locations I searched.
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    Double Status Credits Offer- Nov 2 - 31 Dec - targetted

    Just got the flying offer now so does seem they are sending them out over an extended period. Now how to take advantage of it...
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    15% card transfer bonus is back

    That time of year again, 15% bonus on card points transfers. CBA is back for this one too. Full list of banks: Amex, ANZ, CBA, Citibank, Diners, Suncorp, Bank of Queensland, Card Services, HSBC, Westpac.
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    Mini TR - Bali flying Garuda Y staying at the Conrad

    Look forward to reading more. About to fly with them from SYD to DPS for the first time this weekend, also did the Alitalia status match from VA SG.
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    Book on SQ using VA points -is it worth it?

    Personally I'd value the 61,375 points at more than $518 but it comes down to how you plan to use them in the future and whether you would rather use points or pay cash.
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    Double Status Credits for bookings through TA

    Shame this isn't more generally available, would make so much easier to keep my gold for another year.
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    Insurance availability, Bali

    Commonwealth Bank now requires activation for anything beyond the basic level of cover. It can be done through Netbank at the same time you're notifying them you're travelling overseas.
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    Insurance availability, Bali

    Took a month or so last time and with this volcano predicted to possibly keep erupting for several months I wouldn't count on being covered for it again anytime soon. As HVR said check your credit card insurance if you have any, could get lucky.
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    BALI volcano ash and cancellation of flights discussion

    Sorry correction to what I just posted. Just read my policy again and it does cover cancellations due to natural disasters including volcanic eruptions. Lucky I used this policy instead of my Amex one in this instance.
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    BALI volcano ash and cancellation of flights discussion

    Similar exclusion on my CBA complimentary travel insurance, should have checked that before I booked my flights. I checked the PDS for Travel Insurance Direct, who I usually use if I'm paying for insurance, and I couldn't find a similar clause. Too late now for this event of course. Will just...
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    Problems with ATM's in Indo?

    There's reports that Visa will work in some ATM's but it sounds a bit hit and miss. Until they fix the problem I wouldn't rely on it, either take a MasterCard based card or cash. If you go the cash route I'd just take AUD and exchange it over there, you'll get a much better exchange rate than here.
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    Online DC transactions-should accept but don't

    I had a recent issue with Roam supposedly failing the payment on my regular (non-debit) MasterCard and got a letter, penalty and "reactivation fee" for doing so. Checked my statement and they had successfully charged me on the date it had supposedly failed. Had to argue with them to get a refund...
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    JQ Headphones

    It was some months ago so I don't recall the actual plug configuration, however I was able to use my own Bose NC headsets with it.
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    Travel Insurance that covers Travel delays due to Volcanic Ash

    Many travel insurance policies will cover you for delays caused by volcanic ash as an unforeseen event, however in this circumstance with the volcano still shutting down flights no insurance company is going to treat it as unforeseen. Unfortunately I think you're out of luck and will have to...
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    Query re purchasing alcohol when travelling to Bali

    Note the Dufry store on arrival in DPS isn't duty free, as you said buy it in Aus before you head over.
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    Koru lounge in BNE

    Stopped off in the BNE Koru lounge a few months ago. Can't remember exactly what food was on offer but there were several choices of hot food including pasta as well as snack foods, we didn't go hungry. Not a huge lounge but perfectly comfortable. I was there on a Sunday so it was pretty quiet.
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    Travel to Bali and exchange

    While the rate for the VOA if you pay in AUD isn't the best, it's still better than the rate and fees you'll incur to change AUD to USD in Australia. Unless you already have some spare USD lying around just pay it in AUD. As for IDR, don't change too much at DPS unless you need some small...