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  1. egeaher

    Qantas Wine Issues

    sorry to hear about the mess up. I've placed 8 orders this year, with Qantas wine. So far so good. A bit surprised to hear about your misfortunes
  2. egeaher

    Less Corporate Travel Long Term?

    I work for one of those Silicon Valley "mega company". All local and International travel has been scrapted for at very least July 2021. In the long term, it will go back to where we were. But that is very far off. If I would have to guess, at best, end of 2022. But more likley sometime in 2023
  3. egeaher

    2021 Membership Packs

    My review date is 31st of July and I usually get my new card 2-3 weeks prior to it's expiry. Nothing so far. But I don't think it's a bid deal anymore, as we all now have access to the digital FFQ card. Interestingly though, it shows only as generic red card, in my apple wallet. not that hard to...
  4. egeaher

    Would you if you could? [Take holiday overseas in August 2020]

    I had to think about this one... First reaction "No", then "Yes and now I'm thinking "Maybe". Personally, if I could, I would probably go somewhere like Latvia or Lithuania :) No need for 14 days isolation, if you are from Australia. Has beautiful sea towns and quite cheap by EU standards
  5. egeaher

    A long overdue introduction 🙈

    Wow. What an amazing milestone. Congrats. I've only been here for 7 years and this is my only 11th post :)
  6. egeaher

    Why doesn't the Qantas website work in Safari?

    it very strange that so many people are having this issue. Most of my devices are Apple and I never have problems browsing in QF site in Safari.
  7. egeaher

    Will you vaccinate with Conoravirus vaccine when one is available?

    If the vaccine will be required for travel... i will be first in line to sign up.
  8. egeaher

    New Qantas safety demo 2020

    Love it. Great celebration of 100 for Qantas.
  9. egeaher

    Contact Centre Madness = Unnacceptable

    Ever sense Qantas started outsourcing their call centre overseas, the waiting time has increased and significantly. I have noticed that during working hours, I most of the time get connected Australian call centre and their staff is pretty knowledgeable. But after hours, it's a luck of...
  10. egeaher

    JFK Transit times

    Back in September-19, My daughter and I flew from Gatwick to JFK on BA2273, landing around 19:30. As we were in business, we came out one of the first of approximately 270 passengers. Yet end up waiting in emigration line for well over three hours (3 hours). It was absolutely horrendous.
  11. egeaher

    El Al announces direct flights between Tel Aviv and Melbourne

    When I was booking my flights to Europe, through Qantas site, there was more FFQ seats on El Al than any other airline. I would assume that due to the direct partnership agreement between El Al and Qantas, this direct flight will be eligible to be redeemed with Qantas points.
  12. egeaher

    Booking Hotels through Qantas Site

    Thank you all for your feedback. Everyone made good points. So the summary for me is: Because free Hotel nights are important to me, I better book direct with HH and SPG to maximise my points, instead of small run of Qantas points.
  13. egeaher

    Booking Hotels through Qantas Site

    ahhh yes, apologies. You are correct. It's 16-17 nights with SPG for one free night for me at my current rate. I usually stay in three nights blocks. But it is still significantly better then booking through Qantas site and getting Qantas points.
  14. egeaher

    Booking Hotels through Qantas Site

    hey all. Long time reader, first time poster. I have only recently discovered that all my stays (HH and SPG), that I have been booking through Qantas website, did not accrued any hotel points at all. Basically, those stays weren't counted as a stay. I wonder, did anyone has bothered to...
  15. egeaher

    ~5 hrs in LAX - what to do?

    In&Out that was mentioned above is pretty good choice to kill a bit of time. Once thing to remember if you are driving out... make sure to leave a good buffer to come back. LA traffic could be horrendous