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  1. samiam

    Inside the World's Best First Class Lounges - what's old is new again.

    This first article has an eerily recycled/old feel to it, particularly as it mentions the 'now scrapped' Singapore F Lounge revamp: First Class Lounges | World's Best and Qantas to scrap first class lounge at Singapore - Flights | hotels | frequent flyer | business class - Australian Business...
  2. samiam

    Las Vegas May 2012

    Hi smarties :p I've been invited to spend a week in LAS in May (circa 20th - 27th) and am seriously thinking about taking up the option. Being the vanilla flyer that I am, I went to the QF website to look at the dates and available flights - I'm prepared to pay the $8K or so for a return J seat...
  3. samiam

    Qantas passengers mad after mid-air mishap

    SOME Qantas passengers are angry after a plane with 115 passengers heading to Alice Springs returned to Darwin due to a mid-air malfunction. Read more: Qantas passengers mad after mid-air mishap | What 'impressed' me about this article was the following...
  4. samiam

    Jetstar hitch - couple miss wedding

    Jetstar hitch: couple miss wedding "Melbourne couple miss their Bali wedding after a series of mishaps on their Jetstar flight." Had to be JQ35 of course - Q: I wonder if there were any AFF FLoungers who contributed to the delayed proceedings??? A: There weren't...
  5. samiam

    Etihad Guest launches new tier- Gold Elite

    Not sure if this is old news... Certainly preps Etihad for programme alignment with AirNZ and the proposed DJ Platinum.
  6. samiam

    B747's SYD/MEL/BNE - PER

    Hello all and sundry :) I recall an announcement re the 747's commencing SYD-PER circa May/June (however couldn't find the thread). This now out from Qantas: Is there a way to find out which days/flights the 747 is being used (without looking at the schedule and clicking on every flight...