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    QFF Platinum requesting release of extra Classic award seats?

    Brain trust, what's the go with requesting Y seats for internal USA flights? Looking at multiple city combos (e.g. LAX>JFK) for later in Nov and can only see Y award seats with 1 stops, although AA website show plenty of paid direct flights. Thanks
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    Temporarily closed Malaysia Airlines lounges

    If it's the evening MH flight, Qantas lounge will be closed by then and instead you'll be directed to the very average Marhaba lounge
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    Who's on the A380 Syd to LA in the next few days ?

    Looking forward to your review! Have never been on F, so am contemplating if SYD-LAX is worth the J>F upgrade for 61k points
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    QF First Lounge in Singapore

    Found Emirates and BA lounges both to be underwhelming. But great for lounge hopping nonetheless. Now for CX to reopen theirs...
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    QF First Lounge in Singapore

    Off topic, but Qatar's lounge opened last week. Was the only guest there from 730-830pm last night prior to my QF82 flight. Excellent attentive service, love the decor, and love the a la carte menu with a coughtail bar (
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    Melbourne MH lounge access

    Hi all, I've an upcoming MH128 flight departing 1130pm and was wondering which lounge is accessible at that hour as a QF SG? I understand the Qantas lounge closes after QF93 930p departure? Marhaba looks to be open but not for guests traveling on MH? Thanks
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    May 2022

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    QF multi-city SCs

    Thanks @kangarooflyer88, great tips there! Didn't realise that about Jetstar so will definitely keep an eye out on that. I'm trying to book something this week although not sure if I can get the necessary approvals. Finger crossed!
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    Qantas "Choose your reward" Promo. Select from Double Status Credits OR Double Points [book 25/3/22-1/4/22]

    Any idea if this will still apply if I book a reward flight before 1 April, but will only be eligible for Points Club post 1 April, and where the reward flight occurs after eligibility?
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    QF multi-city SCs

    Wow thanks for the comprehensive reply @Lynda2475 ! Very much appreciated. I will look at DOH and HEL option. Thanks again!
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    QF multi-city SCs

    Hi all, attempting a MEL - LHR - JFK - LAX - MEL trip in J later this year. Grateful for your help: How do I calculate SCs for this, in particular the London - New York leg on QF J ticket? What's the best way of maximising SCs? I can justify a more creative routing if the total costs amount to...
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    App check-in vs holding out for better

    I selected an Exec room using the app and then asked for upgrade at the hotel. The nice lady painstakingly explained Exec is the upgrade. Oh well I tried!
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    App check-in vs holding out for better

    Awesome I'll hold out and report back!
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    App check-in vs holding out for better

    Hi all! Gold here and I booked a Guest Room+ at Hilton Sydney for a 2-night stay tomorrow. My app allows me to check into an Exec room now. I'll only arrive at 9pm tomorrow - what do you think my chances are for a desk upgrade to something better than Exec if I don't use the check-in app? I've...
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    Superannuation Discussion + market volatility

    I think any inactive (12 months?) accounts with $6,000 or less gets transferred out. Should be relatively easy to track via mygov if the TFN details were accurate.
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    Superannuation Discussion + market volatility

    An example of a 70%/30% growth/defensive "market benchmark" fund would be the Vanguard Diversified Growth Fund which presently allocates to Aus large caps (28%), Aus small caps (5%), international shares (33% hedged and unhedged), emerging markets (4%), international bonds (21%) and Aus bonds...
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    Qantas offered Cathay SFO lounge to WP on check in

    Yeah the CX lady cross-checked my BP against a printed list which had some names highlighted. I'd expected her to just turn me away just based on the OWS mention on the BP. To her credit, she appeared genuinely contrite and suggested I "try downstairs" instead. Wow congrats on the gate op-up!
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    Qantas offered Cathay SFO lounge to WP on check in

    Hey I was on the same QF74 Friday departure! SG on a J ticket and was turned down at the CX lounge at 9.15pm after she checked my name against a list (presumably the WPs and above). Spent a minute in the AF lounge before concluding it's much nicer out there in the general waiting area. On an...
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    QF separate PNRs: bags check-in, T-80 rule

    D'oh of course! Thanks this will save me a lot of hassle. I've selected my seat and will check again T-80 (like a pro)!
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    AA dom upgrade for non-AAdvantage member

    $150 ticketing fee, and remainder $350 is the fare difference (fare I paid was lower than the current fare) or something of that sort. Nothing's never quite clear cut!