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  1. DrJ

    Duty free liquor to Aust from SIN

    Forgive me if this has been asked before, but a search was unhelpful. I have not been through Changi for a few years; am flying home to PER from SIN T1 later this week. Just checking, if I buy some whisky from the airside DFS, will they seal it and deliver it to the gate to allow me to carry it...
  2. DrJ

    QF10 PER - MEL experiences?

    Now that QF 9/10 MEL/PER/LHR is up and running, as someone who is booked on return to MEL using the domestic legs in a couple of months, I was wondering what the realities are re the domestic leg of QF10 from PER to MEL are, namely - does one proceed normally through T4 security (presumably...
  3. DrJ

    Loyalty bonus SC option

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, search brought no answers. Thanks to QF's largesse with DSCs and more J travel I am finally about to crack WP for the first time. With the recent flurry of travel that is getting me over the line, I have just received the loyalty bonus for 1000 SCs...
  4. DrJ

    50% bonus status credits - changed flights

    I received a 50% extra status credits offer with QF back in June and have booked a couple of trips to take advantage of it. However I have had to change the date of one of these trips to a few weeks later. I used the "change" function on the website (fares were Flex) and the booking reference is...
  5. DrJ

    Have I been comped?

    I was fully expecting to be dropped back to PS after 2 years at SG, but falling significantly short of 600 SCs this membership year which ended yesterday, Nov 30. However to day the re assessment date has been changed to 30/11/2015, I am still listed as SG and the counter says "you need 600 SCs...
  6. DrJ

    QF changed JASA routing to direct - SC implications

    I have a JASA booked for mid May PER-MEL-BNE return. QF emailed me this morning stating that my return flight to PER which was going to be via MEL has been changed to a direct flight BNE - PER. I obviously incurred a greater point cost (actually spent $$ to reduce the points to the minimum 72...